Winona Ryder Age, Height, Husband, Children, Net Worth 2021

If not as an actress or producer of Hollywood, we all know Winona Ryder as the ex-girlfriend of evergreen Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. In other words, some of you who were a Hollywood fan in the ’90s would know Winona Ryder as Johnny Depp’s ex-fiance.

how old is tall is Winona Ryder?
her husband, children, and net worth in 2021.
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The duo was the most talked-about celeb couple at that time and the perfect match too. However, fate had something else planned for them. Winona has not received much recognition after split with Johnny Depp.

She has done quite a lot of TV shows and dramas afterward. Since then, fans have wanted to know about her personal life, such as Winona Ryder’s Age, Height, Husband, Net Worth2021.

How old is Winona Ryder (Age)?

Winona Laura Horowitz, commonly known as Winona Ryder, was born on October 29th of October 1971. So, she is 49 years old, and in October 2021, she will reach her half-century. Winona Ryder was born in Olmsted County,  Minnesota, United States of America.

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She was born to parents Cynthia Palmer and Michael D. Horowitz. Ryder’s mother was an editor, author, and video producer by profession. At the same time, her father was a bookseller, publisher, and also author. Her father was an atheist by religion, but Winona considers herself Jewish. She has a mixed Jewish ethnicity.  

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How tall is Winona Ryder (Height)?

The 49 years old actor and producer is 5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm tall. She has the height of an average American woman. Compared to her height, Ryder weighs 52 kilograms or 114 lbs. Winona is pretty much skinny from her younger age.

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She might have a good metabolism, or it is her natural body figure. All her life, she dated very tall men than her. In one interview she said, she sees something attractive about tall men. But we think most girls love tall men. There are very few who do not, but it is a personal choice. 

Who is Winona Ryder’s Husband?

Winona Ryder was engaged to his first high-profile boyfriend, Johnny Depp. However, the duo did not marry for some uncertain circumstances and broke their four years-long engagement in 1993.

During their engagement, Winona was only 17 years old, and Depp was 27 years old. After that, she has dated quite a number of eligible bachelors, including Dave Pirner, a band member of Soul Asylum, Matt Demon, Scot Hahn. However, she did not get married to any of them.

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Winona calls herself the wife of Keanu Reeves, claiming that they married in a special private ceremony 30 years ago. She even calls Reeve, her husband, in many interviews. However, 30 years ago, in 1990, she was already engaged to Johnny Depp, assuming her claims are false.  

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What is Winona Ryder’s Net Worth 2021?

Winona Ryder has a current net worth of 20 million dollars. The actress has worked very hard as an actor and also as a producer to earn this huge amount of money for over three decades.

Although the actress does not reveal her salary for films and shows, we assume it would be substantial.

Also, since she was not married to anyone ‘technically,’ so none of her ex-husbands’ or husband’s net worth is included in her net worth. Whatever she has, is the result of her hard work all these years. She also has many properties in her name.   

Final Thought

So, all of this personal information was about your favorite Winona Ryder. I hope you got your answer regarding Ryder and some of her personal life insights.

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