William Shatner’s Age, Height, Daughter, Spouse, Net Worth 2021

Though William Shatner is best known for his role on Boston Legal and Star Trek, the Canadian actor is also known as an author, producer, screenwriter, director, and singer. Shatner was born on March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And he belongs to a conservative Jewish family. Here, we will tell you more about William Shatner’s age, height, Daughter, Spouse, and net worth in 2021.

William Shatner still look young at the age of 90.
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Shatner’s acting career began with theater. He played many roles at the Stratford Festival in 1954. When William tried his luck on film and Television, he became one of the regular faces of the Canadian film and TV industry.

And today, he’s one of the last survived people who was the cast member from the original Star Trek TV series. If we talk about his personal life, he has three children. Shatner does four marriages, but none of his spouses isn’t living with him because any of his marriages didn’t survive.

The Star Trek star got many awards for his talent in various fields. In 2020 William Shatner’s name was included in the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame in Celebrity Wing inductee. However, that event was withheld due to the Covid-19 situation. 

How old is William Shatner (Age): 

Well, William began his acting career at an early age of his life. Because from the starting of his life, he knew what he wanted to do. At present, the Canadian actor’s age is 90 years. Shatner was born on March 22, 1931. Therefore he becomes ninety on March 22, 2021.

But you might agree with us that he doesn’t seem like the 90s. He’s still pretty young compared to his age. This year after he turned 90, Shatner gave an interview to CBC Radio, and he said something about his age. 

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He said, “It’s a disgusting number. I mean, I don’t like 90. So when I heard that 90 was coming up, I thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ I remember 90 way back when I was in Canada, and I thought ’90! People don’t live till 90.’ And here I am.” 

He also talked about his loneliness and fear of death in that interview. William also mentioned his cancer diagnosis. Which later discovered false positives. He said, “If you had asked me, ‘Did you ever have a cancer scare?’ I would have said no because it’s so frightening. It went out of my mind.”

How Tall is William Shatner (Height): 

William Shatner is a medium-height body measurement person. At his young age, he was 5ft 9 inches which means 175.3 cm. but as you all know, when people become older. Their height decrease eventually.

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Therefore, at present, William Shatner’s height is 5ft 7½ inches which means 171.5 cm, and this is the correct height of the Canadian actor. Once, an Italian shoemaker named DiFabrizio claimed that and said, “I give you one more. I made William Shatner 3 inches taller in the show [star trek]”. It might be the possible reason why Shatner looked much taller than his actual height. 

William Shatner’s Daughter: 

The 90 years old actor has three children, and all are daughters named Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie Shatner. He has no son. The age gap between these three sisters isn’t that much.

Leslie is the eldest daughter of William and Gloria Rand. She was born on August 31, 1958, and is 62 years old right now. She will turn 63 soon. Once Leslie appeared in a role in a single episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. At present, she is a mother of two children.

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Lisabeth is the second and middle daughter of William. She was born on June 6, 1961. In June 2021, she turns 61. Lisabeth also followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued acting. At present, she’s living in West Hollywood, California, most of the time. In 2005 she became the wife of Andy Clement, and they are happily living together.

Well, here’s the younger one, Melanie. She chooses an acting career like her other family members. She was born on August 1, 1964, which means she is 57 years old. At present most of the time, she’s living in Los Angeles. In 1999 Melanie chose Joel Gretsch as her life partner and got married.

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Among these three daughters of Shatner, only Leslie and Lisabeth got the opportunity to work with their father. Though they worked in a small role, it would be a lifetime memory for them.

William Shatner’s Spouse(s): 

William Shatner has four times experience do marriage and divorce. On August 12, 1956, he married a Canadian actress named Gloria Rand for the first time. And William produces three daughters with Gloria Rand. While William had been working in Star Trek: The Original Series, that time he left Gloria. After that, in March 1969, Gloria gave divorced Shatner. 

After four years of the first divorce, the ironic actor married March Lafferty. March is the daughter of producer Perry Lafferty. That marriage lasted for 24 years. And it’s the longest time survival marriage of him. This pair had no child.    

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Nerine Kidd was the third spouse of Shatner. He married her in 1997. But unfortunately, Kidd died in 1999. The death wasn’t normal. Shelter found Nerine’s dead body in the swimming pool of his house On August 9, 1999. When Kidd died, she was only 40 years old, and the reason for her death was alcohol and Valium (diazepam) in her blood.

Shelter fell in love again with Elizabeth Anderson Martin, and he married her in 2001. Elizabeth is a songwriter, and she co-writes the song “Together” for the album Has Been. All the fans of William’s were expected that his 4th marriage would have lasted till his death. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. In 2019 Shatner himself filed a divorce, and he got it in January 2020. So right now, he’s all alone. 

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William Shatner’s Net Worth 2021:

It’s estimated that the present net worth of the 90 years old Canadian actor’s is $150 million in 2021. Shatner started work as an actor in films and TV series from an early age of his life. And has demand when he worked.

Therefore, most of his earing came from acting. Moreover, he earned a decent amount of money from commercials. In addition, he was the co-author of the popular TV series TekWar and Star Trek. William made huge money from these two shows.

On the other hand, ten years back, Shatner invested his earning in the share market. These shares are now worth around $25 million. Some people claimed that William earned $600 million from Priceline.com share.

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But there is no evidence for this claim. William Shatner Tweet regarding this matter, she wrote on Twitter, “Someone stupid said a stupid thing about me making $600M. It is not so. Relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Too bad it never happened.” 

He takes $1 50,000 per episode of TV series. And he works from the early 1950s. So that’s why he’s considering one of the height paid actors. 

This is the information of our ironic loving actor, author, producer, screenwriter, director, and singer William Shatner. The 90 years old actor has a mysterious life with three daughters, four ex-wives, and $150 million of net worth.

But in the end, Shatner is lonely and alone. He has no family to take care of him at this age. However, he’s strong enough to take care of himself. So we can hope the rest of the days in this world spend great. 

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