Who is Cleetus McFarland the YouTube Star and What is His Real Name?

In the past, we only count movie stars, TV stars, sportspeople, and politicians as celebrities. But now the reality’s a bit different. At present, we use a term which is “Social Media Influencer”. And these Influencers have their fan base.

this is an image of Cletus McFarland one of the big name YouTube star.
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They are very active on social media platforms. Today, we’ll introduce one social media influence, Cleetus McFarland, known as “The Car Guy”. He got famous for making YouTube videos.

The people interested in automotive content most probably know him and follow his videos on YouTube. He creates video content on the automotive niche. His interaction ability with his audience is fantastic.

Several times Cleetus showed his girlfriend in his video. Cleetus McFarland can build a car instantly at his home, and he can drive a car super-fast. Therefore, most of his viewers find interesting in his videos.

Cleetus is not only a Youtuber but also an entrepreneur; he has his own shop. Here, we’ll let you know in detail regarding the question of who is Cleetus McFarland?

What is the Real name of Cleetus McFarland?

Well, Cleetus McFarland isn’t the real name of the YouTube stars. His real name is Garrett Mitchell. However, he got popular with his fan by the name Cleetus McFarland. Only a few people who knew him for a long time know his real name.

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He was born on April 5, 1995. Cleetus spent his childhood time in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was born. McFarland did his bachelor degree in Law from the University of Tampa.

As you can see, he was entirely from different background. He had no relation with automotive. But his love and passion for cars make him one of the big automotive YouTubers.

As you all know, success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and lots of hard work to make your signature. Cleetus started his YouTube career in 2009 when he was only 14 years old.

At that time, YouTube wasn’t as famous as it now. Since childhood McFarland preferred cars. Therefore, he started making videos on vehicles. With time he got a great response from around the world. People began to know him and enjoying his videos.

At present, Cleetus’s youTube channel has more than 900 videos and 2.66 million subscribers. Moreover, his videos viewed more than 800 million, which is incredible. He’s just 200 million away to join the 1 Billion views club.

The Source of Earning of Cleetus McFarland:

You might be wondering how Cleetus makes money. Firstly, YouTube pays quite well to its monetizes. On the other hand, McFarland earns a decent amount of money from sponsors. Moreover, Youtube is not the only way The Car Guy earn; he has his shop where he sells products.

The location of his shop is Clearwater, Florida. We’ll find T-Shirts, Cold Beer Can Cooler, SNAPBACK, Hats and many more in his shop. Recently he purchased a racetrack in Florida. This racetrack helps him to create new exciting videos.

On March 02, 2019, Cleetus McFarland started his second YouTube channel, where he often uploaded videos. This channel has 420k subscribers as well. We believe if you are a true automotive fan, you’ll love his videos.

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This man is crazy, and he can go to any extent when he makes videos. Cleetus knows what his followers expect from him.

McFarland arranges several events which are worth full of watching. You can follow his YouTube channel and his official website to get updates for those events.

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