What Is Wrong With Drew Carey’s Left Eye?

Do you know the American actor, game show host, and comedian Drew Carey? He is recognized for his sitcoms and stand-up comedy.

The funnyman is a notorious TV personality. But besides his appearances on television and in films, he is also interested in sports.

What Is Wrong With Drew Carey's Left Eye? Let's see.
Drew Carey by Erik Drost Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Besides, he has served the Marine Corps in Ohio as its radio operator. He used to do this before he finally decided to do what he loved. Now that he is considered one of the iconic stars on TV, it is inevitable for people to notice his eyes.

People have noticed that there has been a change in how his left eye appears. You might be as well curious about this. What is wrong with Drew Carey’s left eye? Read below, and we will tell you what happened to him.

The Story Behind Drew Carey’s Left Eye

The American game show host has undergone several eye surgeries. In 2001, he was taken to the hospital due to chest pain.

But he was advised to undergo coronary angioplasty, and so he did. The host of The Prince is Right also took refractive surgery so that his vision would be corrected.

With that surgery, the host needed not to wear glasses until he turned forty. But as you have seen on TV, he is still wearing glasses.

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Well, that is for the public to recognize him since it is a part of his signature look. His glasses make him look distinctive and easily distinguished.

Later in 2010, the comedian had another surgery for the eyes. It was for his cataract this time. Since he had gone through various eye surgeries, it caused his left eye to have a problem. More on this below.

Why Did Drew Carey Take On Eye Surgeries?

Since the comedian noticed his eyesight started to weaken, he went through LASIK eye surgery in 1999. This surgery is also called laser surgery, which uses lasers to reshape the eye’s front surface.

What Is Wrong With Drew Carey’s Left Eye?

We know that the game show host has undergone several eye surgeries. But we are not sure whether or not it is the root of the change in his eye appearance.

We also do not know the current condition of his eyes since the comedian has not disclosed any information regarding this yet.

Does Drew Carey Need To Wear Glasses All The Time?

It is somehow answered above. But to make it clearer, glasses are a part of the distinctive appearance of the stand-up comedian.

Does Drew Carey Need To Wear Glasses All The Time?
Drew Carey by Erik Drost Licensed under CC BY 2.0

This merely serves as an accessory to him since he does need not wear glasses anymore since the time he underwent surgery.

It’s A Wrap!

We cannot tell directly what is wrong with Drew Carey’s left eye. Perhaps it is due to his past eye surgeries, or a new condition arises. We can never know unless the game show host himself talks about this.

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But do not worry. If we ever get more information about his left eye condition, we will let you know immediately.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day. When you read more, you learn more. Check this out: Charlie Puth Eyebrow | Behind The Story Of Eyebrow Scar!

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