Was Cameron Boyce Gay? What was His Sexuality?

While Cameron Boyce was alive, the most discussed matter was his rumored relationship with Dove Cameron. Although none of the celebrities ever confirmed their relationship, people still couldn’t stop thinking of them as a couple. 

When Dove came out as bisexual, Boyce’s sexuality became a big deal. His fans once again became curious to learn about his sexuality. In this article, you will learn Cameron Boyce’s sexuality and what he said about his dream girl. 

Cameron Boyce’s Kissing a Guy From Mrs. Fletcher Episode 5 Fueled Gay Rumors

Boyce died at the time he already became globally famous. Before the actor died, his sexuality was doubted for a scene from his series “Mrs. Fletcher.” 

In that particular episode, he did something hilarious yet unexpected. Cameron was wearing underwear, and he was drunk. 

He and another male character of the series lip-locked for a while. Since he was funny and did a kissing scene with a male, it quickly fueled gay gossip about him. 

We need to understand here that many straight actors kiss same-gender actors for the purpose of a film or series story. It’s another way of showing versatility in acting. Kissing a same-sex person while playing a film character doesn’t define that celebrity’s sexuality. 

What Did Cameron Boyce Say About His Sexual Orientation? 

Without a person’s confirmation, no one can confidently say that a specific person is straight or gay. So what did Cameron Boyce say about his gender orientation when he was alive? Actually, the actor died at 20 only. Hence he was interviewed less. 

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There are only facts we can learn about him from his interviews, including his love life. But Boyce was never directly asked if he was gay.

Neither the young star shared his sexuality with people on his own. He also didn’t explain why he played a role that required him to kiss another male role. 

Since the “Grown Ups” actor didn’t label his gender orientation as gay, we can’t think of Cameron Boyce as gay. Besides, he sparked dating gossip with Dove Cameron. We will take a look at his dating life next. 

Who Did Cameron Boyce Date? 

Cameron must have dated at least once in his lifetime. However, he was successful at keeping that a secret. Still, his fans speculated that he was in an affair with Cameron Dove, who came out as bisexual. 

However, the actor didn’t confirm it. He once said that he was dating many female celebrities at the same time in a hilarious way, and then, in the end, he admitted to having no dating partner.

He said, “I’m dating five people. I’m dating Dove; I’m dating Sofia; I’m dating Sofia’s sister; I’m dating Brenna; I’m dating Sophie. I’m dating everyone, and I’m dating none of them.” 

Cameron Boyce Revealed What Kind Of Girl Could Make Him Down For Her in Love 

Seven years ago, Boyce was twice interviewed by Piper’s Picks. She asked him, “What do you look for in a girl?” He didn’t say much in his first interview, but in his second interview, Boyce answered briefly.

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He said, “I kind of look for a best friend, you know. It’s kind of a thing where you just, (he paused) if you’re looking for a girl, it’s just like, she makes me laugh, it’s all good. She likes the same foods I like, all good. If she could be my best friend, I’m down.” 

This interview tells us that he was interested in getting a girlfriend, but it seems he couldn’t find the kind of girl he dreamt of, or maybe he kept his affair a secret till the end. But one thing is clear, Cameron was not gay; he was straight. 

Final Words

The actor of “Wicked Woods” left his fans in shock when he left the world at only 20. A lot of questions were unanswered. His sexuality is still unknown, but his relatable interviews helped us understand that he was heterosexual.

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  1. I love the actor Cameron Boyce and if he still be alive he could by my boyfriend I really love 💗 him

    XOXO 💋 Salome

  2. Straight is not the default… not saying he was gay or bi but just because he never came out doesn’t mean he was straight.

  3. honestly let the poor guy rest also just because he never came out doesn’t make it that he’s automatic straight like a default in a game😶

  4. It is foolish to speculate or analyze his life. Cameron was the only person who could answer that question. And since it is no more, then there is no point in looking for an answer to this question.

  5. Truth is we will never know he was taken way to early. There are many men who date woman and prove to be straight there are also many man who date women who prove to be gay. He was a beautiful human who always appeared to be happy and no matter who he was attracted to, it’s a shame we’ve lost him.

  6. People are in such denial. I mean, really. Let’s pose the question a different way; does Cameron Boyce seem straight? So alrighty then ..

  7. The article confuses gender orientation with sexual orientation. They are very different. Sexual orientation describes the sex of person that someone is attracted to. Gender orientation, or more accurately, gender identity describes the gender a person identifies with (male, female, non-binary).


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