Vanessa Williams Parents, Husband, Children, Net Worth 2021

Vanessa Williams is a famous American personality who rose to popularity with her ‘Miss America’ title in 1983. She was the first African-American woman to achieve this title. After that, she embarked on a successful career in acting and singing.

The information about Vanessa Williams Parents, Husband, Children, Net Worth
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She is a well-known actress, singer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer. This blog will tell you about Vanessa Williams’s parents, husband, children, and net worth in 2021. So, if you are interested in knowing more about her private life, keep on reading below.    

Who are Vanessa Williams’s Parents?

Vanessa Lynn Williams was born on 18th of March 1963 to parents Helen Tinch, and father, Milton Augustine Williams Jr. Vanessa’s mother, met her father when they both were a student in music education at Fredonia State College.

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Her parents were of the same age and married soon after finishing college. After that, they both became music school teachers. However, their postings were in different districts. Apart from being a teacher, Vanessa’s father also served as an assistant principal for a long period of time.

From a religious perspective, Vanessa’s father was catholic, and her mother was Baptist. However, her mother converted to catholicism after marriage. As a result, Vanessa was also raised catholic.       

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Who is Vanessa Williams’ Husband?

The 58 years old actor, the singer, was married three times in her life. Her first marriage was in 1987 with Ramon Harvey II in a catholic church. After ten long years of togetherness, the couple divorced each other in 1997.

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Later in 1999, when she was 34 years old, Vanessa married an NBA basketball player named Rick Fox. Vanessa and Rick were married for five years before they decided to split in 2004.

After two failed marriages and taking a long ten years of a break for any legal relationship, Vanessa married again in 2015 with Jim Skrip. Vanessa and Jim are still married.   

Does Vanessa Williams have Children?

As mentioned before, Vanessa Williams married thrice in her life. From her marriages, she had four children. Her first marriage with Ramon Harvey, which lasted for ten years, resulted in three kids, named Melanie, Jilian, and Davin.

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Jilian is currently an American dancer and singer, and member of Lion Babe. Vanessa had one daughter named Sasha Gabrielle Fox from her second marriage with the NBA player Rick Fox.

However, she does not have any children for the marriage with her current husband, Jim Skrip. Of all her four children, only Jilian is in the limelight and chose to live a public life for herself.      

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What is Vanessa Williams Net Worth in 2021?

Vanessa started her career almost four decades ago, so eventually, her net worth should be summed to a very high amount. As of 2021, Vanessa Williams’ net worth is about 30 million dollars.

She has multiple career lines from which her money flows in. She is a singer, actress, businesswoman, and fashion designer. In addition, she gets a whopping 100 thousand dollars for doing any TV shows or per series.

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Her husband’s net worth is not included in this money; it is her income. Moreover, she gets paid to attend different tv shows and for guest appearances in movies or shows. 

Final Thought

Vanessa Williams is a one-person army woman. She knows her worth which she has earned over the years, and did not let any man ruin her life. She creates inspiration among the young generation ladies. We hope that you got to know some insights about Vanessa Williams’s personal life.

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