Tom Macdonald Girlfriend 2021| Who’s Tom Macdonald Dating?

I hope you don’t need an introduction to Tom Macdonald, but if you are unaware, then let us tell you that he is one of the most renowned rappers in Canada. Apart from this, he is also a songwriter, lyricist, and ex-professional wrestler.

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The hunk has many female followers who want to know about his girlfriend/s. So, who is Tom Macdonal’s girlfriend? In this blog, we will know who the rapper is dating, or has dated in the past, his dating history, and everything related to this.

Tom has been surrounded by many girls all throughout his career and has also maintained the image of a gentleman. So, let us know about the lucky ladies who he has dated or is dating. 

Who is Tom Macdonald’s Girlfriend in 2021?   

There is a saying among his fans that Tom Macdonald is currently single. However, the rapper is dating Nova Rockafeller in reality. Nova is also a Canadian rapper but is not as famous as Tom. The duo has been dating for quite a long time now, estimated since 2017.

Nova is not only Tom’s girlfriend, but she is his team member also. Nova and Tom established their own punk band together in 2017 and named it GFBF. Here they write songs. They have been working pretty hard in their band together. One of Tom’s song writeups ‘Dear rapper’ got so much fame and Nova supported his success all the way.

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She shot all of his music videos, worked as a co-writer, and helped his boyfriend throughout the challenging parts. So, Tom Macdonald’s girlfriend in 2021 is Nova, his true love and supporter. 

Tom Macdonald’s Dating History

Tom Macdonald has not revealed so much about his previous dating history till now. Although many people assume that Nova is his ex-girlfriend, she is still in a romantic relationship with Tom.

You won’t find any information about the rapper’s former girlfriends. As mentioned before, Tom has been around many ladies but he was reluctant to date any or find anyone as supportive and loving as Nova.

Many of his fans assumed some random girls pictured him to be his girlfriend, and some even think he was gay before dating Nova and was afraid to come out.         

Final Thought

So, this was all about Tom Macdonald’s dating life. He has held onto and loved one girl for many years now, which shows he has his heart for Nova entirely. In fact, why wouldn’t he? Nova has been so supportive and the pillar of his success apart from just loving him.

After all, it is what all of us need in life, a partner like Nova. They have been dating for years now, but are not engaged. We hope that they soon tie the knot and live their lives together happily!

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