Tom Macdonald Age, Height, Website, Wife, Net Worth 2021

If you wish to know about your favorite rapper, Tom Macdonald’s age, height, website, and net worth in 2021, then you are at the right place. Here, we will cover some of the important personal details of this Canadian rapper, songwriter, and former wrestler.

The details of Tom Macdonald Age, Height, Website, Wife, Net Worth 2021
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So, those of you who have been wanting to find out more about Tom Macdonald’s personal life apart from his professional life, keep on reading below. 

How old is Tom Macdonald (Age)?

Thomas Macdonald, or Tom Macdonald for short, was born on the 21st of September 1988. In 2021 September, the rapper is going to turn 33 years old. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, and has Canadian nationality.

He started his career ‘technically’ later in life, when he was already 26+ years in age, even though he started rapping when he was 18 years old. Formerly, Tom was a wrestler in Canada before he gained fame as a rapper. 

His mother’s name is Lee Anne Macdonald, but he has never revealed his father’s name or identity publicly. He did not even publicize his siblings’ names as well. 

How tall is Tom Macdonald (Height)?

The Canadian 33 years old rapper is 6 feet 1 inches or 148 cm tall. Since he was a wrestler, he has a very good physique and maintained his body well. According to his height, his body weight is 75 kgs or 165 lbs.

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In other words, he has an athletic physical structure. Tom’s eyes are hazel brown and her hair is blonde naturally. He has also got many tattoos inked on his body and face.

Previously Tom was a heavy alcoholic and was sent to rehab for a few months before he came out in a good state in 2016. Since then, he has been more focused on his career.    

What is Tom Macdonald’s Website?

Although he is earning a huge amount of money from his song releases, band, tours, and concerts, Tom Macdonald has another passive income source, which is his merchandise business.

Many celebrities have a side hustle of themselves, and Tom does too. It is an online business where he has a website. People from all around the world can order from the website and wait for their shipping to get delivered. 

In this merch business, Tom sells t-shirts, caps, hoodies, and other accessories, which can be customized with several colors and prints. Tom has a manufacturer who manufactures all of his merch.

Here is the website link:

Youtube Channel Link:

Who is Tom Macdonald’s wife?

Tom Macdonald is neither married nor engaged, but he has a long-term relationship with his fellow rapper Nova Rockafeller. Nova is a Canadian rapper and is in a relationship with Tom for more than four years now. Apart from being Tom’s girlfriend, Nova is Tom’s team member as well. Moreover, the duo created a punk band in 2017, named GFBF.

One of Tom’s songs ‘Dear Rapper’ from this band got a hit and Nova supported and cheered his success. Moreover, Nova helps Tom with everything and is a totally supportive girlfriend. The couple has been working very hard on their career. 

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What is Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth in 2021?

Tom Macdonald started his career professionally not too long ago; it has been seven years only. Since then, his accumulated net worth till 2021 is estimated to be 500k-600k dollars. He has not reached a million thresholds yet, but we are hoping he will soon.

Tom was a professional wrestler before he was a rapper, and he is also a songwriter. He runs a punk band with his girlfriend which is going pretty well till now. As a passive income, he sells his merchandise, such as t-shirts, jackets, and other accessories with variations of prints and stickers. However, his main chunk of income comes from the concerts he does. 

Final Thought

Tom Macdonald is indeed a popular rapper which he has earned this popularity by himself. This was all about the rapper’s personal details and information. There are lots of things that are still unknown to the world.

Maybe he does not want to share out of some privacy or solid reasons. But whatever it is, his fans should be happy that at least there is enough information to know a bit about him.

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