Taylor Lautner Girlfriend 2021| Who’s Taylor Lautner Dating?

Taylor Lautner, the tall & handsome guy who stole many hearts with his acting in the Twilight Saga series as Jacob Black. Since then, all of his female fans have always been curious about his relationship life.

The present girlfriend of Taylor Lautner.
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Who is that lucky lady to be Taylor Lautner’s girlfriend? Well, Taylor belongs from a very educated family, where his mother worked at a software development company, that too, in the ’90s, and his father was a pilot.

So, you can say Taylor became an actor and a model out of his passion. Or else, no one could have played the role of Jacob Black more than him. Now let us know about this heartthrob’s dating life and all the past dating life.

A brief History about Taylor Lautner’s Dating Life

This 29-year-old actor has had quite a lot of high-profile relationships till now. If you are his fan, then you would know those high-class eligible bachelorettes who have been in a romantic relationship with hunky Taylor. However, if you don’t know, then let us tell you chronically. 

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His very first relationship was with his high school sweetheart, Sara Wicks. Sara dated Taylor long before he was famous. Then, in early 2009, Taylor dated the most famous songstress in town, Selena Gomez, for a few months.

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After that breakup, the handsome hunk dated another famous songstress, Taylor Swift, for a couple of months before they broke up in December 2009. Later in 2011, Taylor dated actress Lily Collins for a few months.

In 2013, the actor dated one of his co-stars Marie Avgeropolous for more than a year and broke up in 2015. In 2016, Taylor Lautner started to date actress Billie Lourd. The couple was pretty much ‘couple goals’ for their fans. However, they confirmed their split in 2017.   

Who is Taylor Lautner Girlfriend in 2021?

After dating tons of beautiful women throughout the years, Taylor Lautner is now in a long-term relationship with his current girlfriend, Taylor Dome. Dome is not any public personality but a nurse by profession.

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She said that she loves helping and serving people, for which she chose this profession. Moreover, Dome is also an Instagram influencer. Taylor Dome is the best friend of Taylor’s Latner’s younger sister Makena Lautner.

Dome and Lautner were spotted quite a few times in cozy poses before they officially confirmed their relationship. Their love life started in 2018, and they are still happily dating.  The duo seems deep in love with each other with all the cozy and romantic photos they share on their Instagram. 

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Final Thought

Who wouldn’t love to date, Taylor Lautner? After all, he is amongst one of the most charming and hunky Hollywood actors. Even high-profile celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Lily Collins couldn’t resist themselves from dating him.

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But looks like he found love in Taylor Dome after all his failed relationships over the years. We hope that they stay happy with each other.

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