Is Rick Steves Married? Who is Rick Steves’s Wife?

There is no one on Earth who was not inspired to travel after reading Rick Steves’s travel books. And why wouldn’t they? His writing style and tone are so descriptive that we can visualize the locations easily.

We all know Rick Steves as an American travel writer, but he is also an activist, author, and popular tv personality. We are familiar with his media personality, but only a few of us know about his personal life. Is Rick Steves Married? Who is Rick Steves’s Wife?

Is Rick Steves Married?

Currently, the travel writer’s relationship status is single after his divorce from his ex-wife Anne Steves. Rick married his long-term lady love, Anne, in the ’80s, however, the two divorced in 2010 due to some marital issues.

After his divorce from Anne, Ricky has not been romantically involved with another woman for the past eleven years. However, some sources claimed that he was seen roaming around with a woman called Trish. But roaming together does not mean being romantically involved.

Nonetheless, Steve has never commented publically regarding this and has kept his personal life hidden after his divorce from his ex-wife. Instead, he is mainly seen focusing on his work.

Who is Anne Steves?

Anne Steves is an American travel author, writer, and activist. The duo was madly in love before and during their married life but divorced each other in 2010, ending their long marriage.

Anne Steves does not have any media background. Hence there is very limited information about her. While married to Rick she was often in the limelight. However, after the divorce, she completely disappeared from the media.

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She was a nurse by profession, but her ex-husband also joined her as a social activist. Anne has a net worth of 1 million dollars currently. She hides from the public eye and does not share anything on social media.  

Anne and Rick have two children together, a son and daughter, Andy Steves and Jacky Steves. Although the children used to stay with their mother, Rick had a pretty good relationship with them after their divorce. His son, Andy, followed in his footsteps and chose travel business as his profession. 

Final thoughts

Rick Steves is divorced and single and in the eleven years since his divorce, he has not married or even dated another woman.

We can assume that the writer still has a soft spot for his ex-wife or is highly motivated to focus on his career and life goals.

Whatever the reason, we wish the author all the luck in his next romantic relationship.

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  1. Dear Rick:
    I am sure that your son Andy will do great in travel! He has the best tutor, Rick Steves! I love your work. Feels almost like I am there.
    Best Wishes,
    Richard H.
    Member of Grace Lutheran Church, Champaign, IL

  2. Dear Rick

    Have you thought of visiting Malaysia and putting us on the tourist map like one of the gems of the Orient you must visit before leaving this world?


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