Rick Steves’ Age, Height, Girlfriend, Divorce, Net Worth in 2023

Everyone loves to travel, but it seems challenging unless someone helps you with guidance. Rick Steves’s followers love him for this reason. He knows how to guide others to visit places some didn’t know existed. 

The supporters of celebrities tend to show interest in their beloved star. If you are one of Steves’s supporters, learn about his age, height, dating life, previous marriage, divorce, and 2023 net worth. 

Rick Steves’s Age 

Rick Steves was born to his Norwegian parents on 10th May 1955. His father was Richard John Steves. He was a brand director of a high school and a piano technician. 

His mother was June Erna Steves. Rick is currently 67 years old. His birthplace is Barstow, California, United States. His nationality is American, and his ethnicity is Norwegian. 

Rick Steves’s Height

Rick Steves is a tall man. He is 6 feet. If he had tried to become a model at a young age, he would have become one quickly for being so tall. But instead, he started to travel and guide others, which made him prominent worldwide. 

Rick Steves’s Girlfriend

Rick Steves has been dating since 2019. Has been in a relationship with Shelley Bryan Wee. Rick Steves most probably found his present girlfriend in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America since Shelley is the Bishop of the Northwest Washington Synod. 

Because Rick Steves is a Lutheran Christian and often visits Lutheran Churches, the duo took a beautiful photo in 2019 where Rick hugged Shelley, and there were their two lovely dogs. The duo are still dating, but they haven’t shared any plan of getting married. 

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Rick Steves’s Divorce

Rick Steves had a sweet family with his only ex-wife Anne Steves. She and Rick met in California inside a restaurant. The couple knew they had something inside for one another.

So they continued contact, and soon they became a couple from strangers. Anne and Rick had an affair for two years, and finally, they married in 1984. 

They had their family members and closest friends present at their wedding. In their 26 years of long married life, the duo were happy and enjoyed parenthood with their two children, Andy and Jackie. Anne also toured several places in Europe with Rick, and that’s how she became well-recognized. 

But for some reason, Rick Steves began to tour by himself. When their relationship broke, the news spread that Anne found out Rick was having an extramarital affair with his travel partner then.

It was Trish Feaster. Later, Rick Steves mentioned being in a relationship with Trish Feaster in one of his blogs in 2012. 

Rick Steves and Anne Steves split in 2010, and it wasn’t Anne but Rick who filed for divorce. After the duo ended their marriage, Anne removed herself from media contacts, and now she keeps a low profile so that no one knows about her present location and life. 

Rick Steves Net Worth in 2023 

Rick Steves earns millions of dollars every year. He reportedly makes 6.3 million US dollars annually; in 2023, his estimated net worth is $15 million. 

Final Words

The author of “Rick Steves France” has written several travel books that helped many people to get the perfect guidance they were searching for when going on tours. There are videos as well of him touring Europe on YouTube. 

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He also owns a YouTube channel titled “Rick Steves’ Europe”, where he posts records of the best places in Europe.

His way of presenting the places he visits and the details he shares grabbed tourists’ attention globally. His young and adult fans love him and want to learn more about him. 

Hence we answered the most asked questions about Rick Steves from Google. The 67-year-old traveler is 6 ft tall. He is happy with his current girlfriend, Shelley Bryan Wee.

However, he and his ex-wife Anne Steves parted ways in the past. He now has 15 million dollars reserved.

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    • I met Rick Steeves 3 years ago in Florence Italy while looking at a map with a lady I was traveling with. He said “Can I help you?” I recognized his voice as I had my back to him. I have watched him on TV for years so I immediately knew who he was. He got us headed in the right direction to get us on the right bus. Now I need to know what he suggests a 77 year old lady to see in Europe again. Want to experience more of Italy and Croatia. Heard about Montenegro on TV. Would you suggest that as a worth while place to go? My friends and I are healthy and want o see as much as we can as long as we can travel. We respect and appreciate your advice.

  1. My wife and I love your show’s. We have been married 57 years. Safe travels.❤️Ya❤️ 🍀🌎🌍🌏✈️🛳🚂🇺🇸 Doug&Lorraine Kelchner– Berwick,Pa.

  2. Dear Mr. Steves, Just watched the Fascism program as part of the public television funding in our area. Do you fear reprisals from any groups in light of current political situations here and abroad? It was a profound show and one I truly believe should be on the educational programs in schools as part of their History education. It was very straight forward and not one they would have problems understanding.
    Thank you kindly for reading this.


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