Nicholas Hoult Girlfriend| Is He Still Dating Bryana Holly? 

Nicholas Hoult’s name was involved with many famous female celebrities. Until now he reportedly had 7 girlfriends. The star’s love life is indeed a matter of discussion and curiosity. 

The handsome hunk and the ex-boyfriend of many ladies is dating the same woman for five long years. Surprising right? Wondering who Nicholas Hoult’s girlfriend is

Nicholas Hoult is still dating his girlfriend Bryana Holly. They began dating in 2017. Bryana is known as Hoult’s partner. 

There is more to learn about their everlasting kind of love. Here are some interesting facts. 

Who is Nicholas Hoult’s Girlfriend? 

Nicholas Hoult is open about her love life. He didn’t hide his girlfriend whom he has been dating since 2017.

Nicholas is still having the same girlfriend named Bryana Holly. She is a famous figure on Instagram. She is Hoult’s partner. 

Is Nicholas Hoult Still Dating Bryana Holly? 

British actor Nicholas Hoult dated many women in his life. He reportedly had 7 girlfriends before Bryana Holly came into his life. Holly is lucky enough to keep Hoult’s interest in her for five years.

The couple has a strong bond and is super happy with one another. Some may or may not want to hear but Nicholas Hoult is still dating Bryana Holly. They even welcomed their only son Joaquin in 2018.

Final Words 

Nicholas Hoult is famous in both the British and American film industries. He acted in many super hit films that include Warm Bodies, Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men: First Class, and Those who wish me dead. 

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Both his male and female fans are curious to find out the latest updates about his personal life, like who is Nicholas Hoult’s present girlfriend. Bryana Holly, an Instagram model, has been dating the British-American actor since 2017. 

The couple is so in love that it’s been five years and they are continuing their romantic life. 

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