Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend 2021 | Who’s Dicaprio Dating in 2021

Leonardo Dicaprio is still just as much of the most loved Hollywood star as he was twenty-four years back when he won everyone’s heart as Jack in Titanic. Girls of all ages and nationalities once or still have had a crush on this megastar of Hollywood.

Who's Leonardo Dicaprio's girlfriend in 2021
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Not just his acting skills speak for his personality, but his personality and looks seem to engrave everyone. All the young girls of the ’90s wished to be his girlfriend. It won’t be surprising that any girl that was Dicaprio’s girlfriend was one of the luckiest to be loved by one of the most wanted men in the world.

Right now, if you are wondering who that lucky girl Leonardo Dicaprio is dating is, then you are at the right place. Get to know more about Leonardo Dicaprio’s girlfriend here. 

A list of Leonardo Dicaprio’s ex-girlfriends 

Leo’s dating life started technically in 1994. A bunch of beautiful women dated this handsome hunk. His very first girlfriend was a model named Bridget Hall, and they dated for a few months in 1994.

After a year, in 1995, just before Leo entered Hollywood, he dated Supermodel Naomi Campbell for a year. In 1997, Leo had a rumored relationship with Actress Demi Moore, but none of them commented on the rumors or never made any official confirmation.

From 1997-98, Leo dated actress and model Kristen Zang for 15 months. People really loved their chemistry, and Leo claimed her to be his lady love. Unfortunately, they are not meant to be together forever. 

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After his fame in Titanic in 1998, Leo had a month-long affair with actress Eva Herzigova. After taking a break from one long year, Leo finally had the luck to date a girl for five years. The lucky one was none other than Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele and Leo dated from 2000 to 2005 and then had to break up because Gisele said Leo wouldn’t fix his ways. Leo smoked and drank too much, which his girlfriend did not wish for and wanted.

Finally, they had to call off their love life. After the breakup, Leo found love in an Israeli Model in Las Vegas named Bar Refaeli. They called off their relationship after dating for more than five years in 2011. Shortly after that, Leo dated Blake Lively in 2011, just for five months. 

From the end of 2011 till 2015, Leo dated some of Victoria’s Secret’s models. In 2015, he even got engaged to one named Kelly Rohrbach. However, the couple called off their engagement in the new year of 2016, calling it a friendly split. 

Who is Leonardo Dicaprio’s Girlfriend in 2021?

Camilla Morone it is, with whom the handsome hunk of Hollywood shares romance and love for the past four years now. Camilla is a 23 years old model dating a man who is twenty-three years older than her! If you wonder how could that be possible? Then, folks, this is Leonardo Di Caprio, and anyone would fall over him.

And, of course, their love story justifies the saying that love does not see any age. The couple is still going strong even after quarantining together for over a year. They seem to share a strong bond. Morrone is also trying to step her foot in Hollywood, and currently, she is doing some shows. Whatever it is, the question still stays, is Camilla going to be the last girl in Caprio’s life?

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This was all about Dicaprio’s dating life and current girlfriend. As well-wishers or fans, we can only wish that Leo finds his eternal love with the girl he is now with.

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