How Old is Leonardo Dicaprio (Age), Height, and Net worth 2021

Leonardo Dicaprio is a very well-known face in the stardom industry of Hollywood. His hard work and acting skills have made him win everyone’s hearts. Also, he is an oscar-winning actor who made a grand entry through his first movie, Titanic.

How Tall and old is the Titanic star Leonardo Dicaprio?
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This blue-eyed actor contains all the charm that would make any girl crazy over him. He is not an outstanding actor, but a film producer and an activist too. You may know about his acting skills very well, but as a die-hard fan, how much do you know about his personal details? For this, I have come with this blog to help you know everything about your favorite actor.

Here, you will know how old is Leonardo DiCaprio, how old was Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, how old was Leonardo DiCaprio in Gilbert grape, Leonardo Dicaprio height, Leonardo Dicaprio Net worth.

How old is Leonardo DiCaprio (Age)

This blue-eyed hunk was born on the 11th of November 1974. So, in 2021, Leo will turn 47 years old. His birthplace is Los Angeles, California, to his parents Goerge and Irmelin. Leo’s dad was a comic book writer by profession, and his mom was a Legal Secretary.

Leo’s full name is Leonardo Wilhelm Caprio, and his theatre name is the same. There is an interesting story behind why his parents named him this. Leonardo DaVinci’s portrait inspired his name. When Leo’s mother was pregnant with him, she was looking at the portrait of Vinci, and that’s when little Leo kicked inside his mother’s womb for the first time.  

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His ages in some of his movies are as follows:

How old was Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic:

Titanic was Leo’s first full-proof movie, and he was lucky to get his fame in it with the lead role of Jack. He was only 24 years old in the movie. Before Titanic, he did a few mini and side roles in other few movies.   

2. How old was Leonardo DiCaprio in the Gilbert Grape:

In Gilbert Grape, Leo was 19 years old only. He got his first nomination from this movie. 

How Tall is Leonardo DiCaprio (Height)

Leonardo is 1.83 meters tall and weighs 80 kgs as of now. Leo started his career at the age of 14 by doing a matchbox car advertisement. He was fascinated by the amount of money his cousin was earning just by doing commercials. He did many other commercials such as of Kraft foods, bubble gum, etc.

Then he did a few tv shows and appeared in films inside roles. Jack, in Titanic, was his very first role. After that, he did a lot of successful movies and by featuring in lead roles. After getting lots of experience from doing films, he then started to produce movies and films in his own production house.   

Leonardo Dicaprio Net worth 2021

Leo takes a whopping amount of 20 million dollars for each of his movies, which makes him one of the highest paying actors in Hollywood. His current net worth is 300 million dollars. This worth is not solely from his movies, but his production house, investments, and several brand investments as well.

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He also earns royalties and bonuses from his movies. Leo has invested in many real estate housing and has three mansions in LA. He also owns a private island in Belize worth 1.75 million dollars. He also owns two huge properties in New York City and has a house in Malibu as well. All these properties cost millions and millions of dollars.  

Leonardo is surely a dedicated actor of Hollywood, and all these he has now, all the fame and money, are results of his diligent hard work.

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