Lebron James’s Son, Daughter, Father, Mother, and Brother’s Details

If you are an NBA fan, you must be a fan of LA Lakers player Lebron James. Because why not? He is one of the most celebrated basketball players in the NBA. As a fan, you might have gotten curious about his personal life at one point.

If so, you are in the right place to learn a bit about his personal family life. Here, you will learn about Lebron James’ son, daughter, father, mother, and brother in detail. Keep on reading to learn about the star’s close family.  

Does Lebron James have a Son?

The 35-year-old LA Lakers player is a father to two sons. He and his wife Savannah James had their first son named Labron Rayone Bronny James Jr. on 6th October 2004. In short, he is also known as Bronny James, and his parents had him when they were just teenagers.

Bronny was interested in football and ice hockey from early childhood, but his father did not allow him to continue those sports over safety concerns. The basketball legend’s second son is named Bryce Maximum James, who was born in 2007.

The 14-year-old is following in his father’s footsteps, and he wants to sign up for the NBA sometime in the future.

Does Lebron James have a Daughter?

The professional basketball player and his wife had their only daughter on 22nd October 2014. Her name is Zhuri James, and she is only seven years old. Zhuri Nova James has an Instagram handle with over 350k followers, handled by her mother, Savannah James.

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This American celebutante’s birthplace is Cleveland, Ohio and she attends a school in Los Angeles called Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth. A lesser-known fact about the youngest child of Lebron James is that she has her own YouTube channel, named All Things Zhuri. She is a YouTube star already.    

Who is Lebron James’ Father?

A father did not bring up the four-time NBA champion. His mom gave birth to him when she was a high school student, but his father was not involved in his upbringing. His parents were not officially a couple.

The Lakers player confirmed he has never met his father and does not even know his name. Some of the sources claimed Lebron James was the son of a man named Anthony McClelland; however, James never confirmed it.

Anthony, on the other hand, had a massive criminal record. The basketball star said he used to yearn for his father in his childhood and could feel his absence. Now he tries to live those moments with his sons. 

Who is Lebron James’ Mother?

Lebron James’ mother’s name is Gloria Maire James, and she was only 16 years old when she gave birth to the basketball superstar. Gloria was left by the father of Lebron James to raise him alone.

Her mother, Freda James, stepped in and helped her daughter as much as possible. Unfortunately, Gloria’s mother passed away when Lebron James was only three years old.

As a single mom, she fought mightily against the world to raise her son. Gloria stood by her son’s side all through his basketball journey, and they still have a strong mother-son bond. 

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Who is Lebron James’ brother?

Since the basketball star’s father left him even before he was born, he does not have a full brother or sibling. As Anthony McClelland is his alleged father, Lebron James has an alleged half-brother named Aron McClelland.

Aron was born just a year after Lebron in 1987. However, he has not come into the limelight. Lebron James has taken his mother’s surname, Gloria; however, his alleged half-brother has his father’s name.

James did not have a sibling as his support while he was growing up, but now he creates that strong bond with his children.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all about the 4-time NBA champion Lebron James’ family. Although he grew up in poverty, he is now one of the richest and most successful basketball players of all time. We hope he continues to win more rings as a champion. 

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