Lady Gaga Boyfriend 2021| Who’s Lady Gaga Dating

Lady Gaga has been one of the most followed celebrities in the American entertainment industry. Not only in America but has left her footsteps worldwide with her unique gestures in songs.

Who's Lady Gaga's boyfriend and dating partner in 2021?
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There are very few people of this generation who won’t know her. In other words, she spreads magic with her voice for which she is one of the best-selling singers in the world. As she has an increasing growth of fans, the fans are quite curious to know about her personal life, which includes her dating life too.

So, who is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend? Is Lady Gaga dating or not? We will know about her relationship status in this blog. So, if you are interested in knowing about your icon’s dates, you have to read below!

Brief Dating History of Lady Gaga

While stealing the hearts of thousands of boys all around the globe, only a few of them were lucky enough to be Lady Gaga’s boyfriend. We have a list of Lady Gaga’s boyfriends who she dated after getting fame.

So, first, one on the list is Matthew Williams, who loved and dated Steffani for being herself and not ‘Lady Gaga.’ If you don’t know, Steffani is the real name of Lady Gaga. The duo dated for two/ three years from 2007-2010. 

In 2011, Gaga’s longest-running relationship happened with Taylor Kinney whom she met at one of her music video shoots. They were in a relationship till July 2016. In Feb 2017, Gaga got hooked up with Christian Carino, and the duo kept their relationship a secret for a long time.

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They also got engaged in October 2017 which Gaga announced by flaunting her beautiful pink sapphire and diamond ring. However, they split their engagement in Feb 2019.     

Who is Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend in 2021? 

After her split with her fiance Christiano, Gaga hooked up with Michael Polansky. The duo was seen kissing each other on new year’s eve of 2019. They are still together in 2021. So, it can be concluded that Gaga’s boyfriend in 2021 is Michael.

Gaga made her relationship official with Michael in February 2020 when they were seen together in the Super Bowl. She shared a cute cuddling picture of them together on her Instagram.

The singer seems to go stronger with her current boyfriend. Although their relationship is going to hit the two years milestone, they are not engaged yet.

Who is Michael Polansky?

So, Michael Polansky is quite educated and rich at the same time. He is a Harvard graduate in applied mathematics and computer science, and also a businessman. Micheal graduated from Harvard in 2006.

He is also the co-founder of Sean Parker’s Institute of Cancer Immunotherapy. There he serves as the executive director and co-founder of the Institute. 

Fans were very skeptical about Gaga and Michael’s relationship as both have very different career backgrounds.

They thought Michael was probably enjoying the fame of Gaga and was increasing his followers through her. However, the fans were proved wrong as they both are seriously in love.

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Final Thought

We know it is very unusual to see an entertainer hooking up with a Harvard grad, and vice-versa! But it is high time we take everything normally because love can happen with anyone at any time.

We hope the duo enjoys each other’s togetherness for a long time and lives happily as they are now. It is clearly evident that people’s comments and doubts are not changing their feelings for each other. Hence, they keep proving all of us wrong for the last two years.

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