Julia Tica’s Biography with Hot Instagram Photos And TikTok Profile

Julia Tica; the mysterious girl on the internet. Many rumors surrounded by her name. Someone says she’s an Indian, another claimed American. Actually, from when she belongs, what is her nationality? But the fact is neither she is an Indian nor American. Now you might be thinking from where originally she belongs.

Julia Tica a social media influencer who's active several social media platform including Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok
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Julia Tica’s nationality and Profession

Well, she introduces herself as half Romanian and half Colombian, and she’s currently living in Prague in the Czech Republic. By profession, Julia is a fashion model designer. However, at present, she’s a social media influencer as well.


Why is Julia Tica famous?

Being famous isn’t easy. You have to do a lot of hard work for that. But nowadays, anyone can be famous overnight because of the online platform we use, especially social media. Julia Tica’s famous for her beautiful body and smile. She has lots of followers, and they wait for her when Tica comes in front of the live cam and entertain them.


You can find her at onlyfans.Com, where she keeps uploading her nude pictures and videos. She’s famous for her webcam videos. Some of them viral on the internet, and that brings her a lot of popularity. The webcam girl has a substantial Upper part body.


Julia Tica has two Instagram and one TikTok account. She’s very active on those two platforms. Almost every day, she tries to post pictures or videos. With time her social media account’s followers increase dramatically. Juliaca has over 1.6m Instagram followers. She uses another Instagram account as an alternative where she has 223k followers with 151 posts.

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Julia Tica’s short biography:

Name: Julia Tica

Age: 23 (1 February,1997)

Birthplace: Romania

Profession: Fashion Designer and Model


Height, weight, and bra size:

Height: 168cm (5.6”)

Weight: 127 pounds (58kg)

Bra Size: 34G

Bust, Waist, and Hip: 38-23-36

Favorite color: Pink

Hobby: Singing


Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/juliaticaofficial/


TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@juliaticaofficial


She was happily married to Alex Tica in 2016. Alex is a pilot by profession. Julia likes to keep secret her personal life. Therefore, you won’t be able to find much information about her. Julia Tica considers herself as an entertainer who entertains thousand of men in front of a webcam. 

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