What is Jeffree Star’s Gender? Is Jeffree Star Male or Female?

Jeffree Star is a beauty influencer with an extensive social media following. Most of Star’s more current followers are interested in his identity and his gender. 

It’s a query that Jeffree Star was accepting of, as he posted a response regarding his gender identity on Twitter in 2013.

Star refers to himself as androgynous. A personality who identifies as androgynous presents as both male and female. 

In addition, gender enhances more fluidity and doesn’t focus on a person’s identity. 

Some have questioned whether he is gay or transgender, so I have researched more about Jeffree Star’s gender and learned that he is gay, and is not transgendered.

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a fashionable makeup artist, singer, and famous YouTuber. There are 18.2 million subscribers following his channel. 

Most of the channel is committed to his business with his makeup brand, Cremated Palette. On February 15th, 2006, Jeffree Star first launched the platform. Presently, the channel has 2,341,383,373 views total.

The most familiar videos on the channel hold the likes of ‘Full Face of Brands That Hate Me.’ It has almost 40 million views to date. He also released ‘We Broke Up‘ four months ago, which has earned 32 million views so far.

Jeffree Star’s Gender

The question first bothered Jeffree back when he was in his late teens. At that time, he was very disoriented. He often queried whether he was transgender and questioned whether he should transition. 

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Yet, at the same time, he assumed that he had a few feminine traits and he also greeted some of his masculine characteristics.

Many people have classified him as a cross-dresser, but it is not a term that he acknowledges. It is not simple to identify for himself. Jeffree identifies as bisexual and is attracted to both genders.

Jeffree Star has additionally expressed himself as androgynous. Androgynous personalities consistently refer to themselves as gender-neutral. 

Jeffree does not like to talk about his sexuality, but he is not ashamed about his gender; it is just a matter that he considers private.

Is Jeffree Star Male or Female?

Star was born male and is bisexual. Jeffree Star is a man who likes to wear makeup and pink and occasionally “women’s” clothing. 

Although he is a fan of androgynous looks, he loves shaping things up by applying makeup and styling his hair differently. 

He dresses how he feels and should not be scared to be himself. In 2009, Star talked to OUT Magazine concerning his gender.


Jeffree Star is an Internet star. You may not be wholly familiar with Jeffree Star yet, but he’s one of the most significant names in YouTube and the glamour market.

He recognizes himself as androgynous and is attracted to both men and women. Being part of the LGBTQ+ society, he believes it is very significant to battle for recognition, and he does this in many ways. 

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