Is Zendaya Gay Or Bisexual? What’s her Sexual Orientation?

The lifestyle of celebrities is always fascinating for their fans and followers. So if any celebrity reveals a secret, it instantly goes viral and usually sparks speculations on social media.

We know one celebrity for her performance in the Disney Channel Original Zapped, and she is one of the up-and-coming celebrities to watch; her name is Zendaya.

Is Zendaya Gay? Is Zendaya bisexual? what's her sexuality?
Zendaya by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

With Zendaya, various people have suspected her sexual orientation for a long time, while the actress has never focused on the topic.

Like other stars, Zendaya also likes to keep her private life from the spotlight.

Through this article, we will determine the truth.

Is Zendaya Gay or Bisexual?

No, the talented actress Zendaya is not gay. Further, she was in an unconventional relationship with distinct men.

Fans started to question her sexuality after she perfectly portrayed the character of Rue in the film Euphoria.

Zendaya has dated men throughout her life and career.

According to the source, in 2011, she supposedly dated Shake It Up star Adam Irigoyen, but later on, she denied this. Then in 2013, Zendaya began dating singer Leo Howard, and the couple split up a few weeks later.

Zendaya faced Gay rumor for some reasons. Let's know about those reasons.
Zendaya by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

She was linked with the singer Trevor Jackson in the same year though she denied the rumors. At last, in 2019, She started dating the actor Jacob Elordi. 

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Therefore, the dating history of Zendaya proves that she is straight.

Controversy over Zendaya’s Sexual Orientation

Zendaya’s sexual orientation is straight. So far, she has not addressed her sexuality in an interview or on social media. It isn’t the first time individuals have suspected the topic.

The famous Euphoria actress’ on-screen love-life fueled rumors regarding her off-screen sexuality. She encountered questions about it in the media but avoided talking about it.

The Controversy over Zendaya's Sexuality. Is she gay or straight?
Zendaya by Neon Tommy licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

However, controversy arose when Zendaya addressed her perspective on women who accept their sexuality. 

Zendaya seems unbothered by the gossip around her sexuality and has yet to discourage the rumors.

Zendaya ignores them and has not made any statements.

How Credible is the Rumor?

Fans started questioning her sexual orientation with curiosity when she asked about the gender aspect for men and women, and she answered with the kind of qualities she preferred. Although, the question arose during the video in Vanity Fair.

The Emmy-winning actress Zendaya, on her Instagram page, received a comment that tried to make fun and insult the K.C. Undercover star by comparing her to a “gay dude wearing makeup.”

But the facts confirm Zendaya is not gay. These are just guesses and rumors based on her statement to an interview.


The Euphoria star Zendaya is not gay or bisexual. Her sexual orientation is straight, and the comment on woman empowerment was only a statement.

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  1. I took my daughter to meet Zendaya years ago! She’s a beautiful woman. My kid was wearing a Hannah Montana shirt, zen took a pic with her shirt covering my kids shirt.

  2. just because someone has only been in straight relationships does not mean they are straight! this article feels pretty biphobic I won’t lie. In my opinion, individuals who identify as bisexual are still bisexual even if they’re dating someone of the opposite sex. They didn’t choose a “side” or a “gender” they chose a person and that’s that.

  3. Huuum, Zendaya Meree Stoermer Coleman is for sure straight. She is in a deep love relationship with her new handsome Afro-Latino Cuban American Beau name Leslie Otha Hernandez Moss. Believe me the two of them are a good fit for each other. He is has started to become very stronger in the enlightenment of the most high God’s standards and teachings. This would be very good for Zendaya. He is indeed a very loving and caring person for her.

  4. Dating history doesn’t prove sexuality. You can be bi and mostly date one of the genders you’re attracted to. If she hasn’t confirmed anything herself, it isn’t right to definitively say what she is or isn’t. The fact is that we don’t know.


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