Is Will Smith Gay? What is Will Smith’s Sexuality?

The Hollywood megastar Will Smith is not a stranger to controversy. Whether it is his personal or professional life, this four-time Grammy award-winning actor, film producer, and rapper is always on top of the social media newsfeed.

Well, there is no doubt that celebrities love controversies, both good and bad. And perhaps, you’re all eyes on him because of the current incident he’s involved with Chris Rock. If you don’t know yet what we mean, it’s time for you to be updated!

We will give you a hint then. Remember during the 2022 Academy Awards when Will Smith shockingly went upstage and hit Chris Rock? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about!

Anyway, in this blog, we talk about the most incredulous controversy about Will Smith, other than such, which is his sexuality.

This is one of the most common controversies a celeb has to face. Nevertheless, if you want to learn about the actor’s sexuality, then keep on reading below to find out the right answer.

Will Smith’s Gay Rumours

In the past, there have been several rumors regarding the actor’s ‘secret sexuality’. Let us begin with late actress Alexis Arquette accusing Will Smith of being gay.

Before Alexis passed away in 2016, she claimed that Will Smith’s ex-wife, Sheree Jampino (1992-1995), divorced him because she caught Will in bed with another man.

As per Alexis’s testimony, Sheree was paid off in order to hide her ex-husband’s truth. At the same time, Sheree never talked about this claim or accused Will Smith of being gay.    

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Furthermore, Alexis also claimed that both Will Smith and his present wife, Jada, are gay! After Jada’s cheating scandal with rapper August Alsina, people started to believe that The Gemini Man actor was also gay like his wife.

However, this assumption was not true. The duo’s marriage was on the rocks, so they decided to become intimate with other people, with each other’s permission. 

The rumors and allegations about Will Smith’s sexuality do not end here! Recently in 2020, YouTuber Trisha Paytas accused Will Smith of sexually manipulating her male dancers.

However, she took back this comment after she realized it was completely false and there was no concrete evidence of it.  

Just a few months later, the Aladdin star was accused of dating his male co-star, Duane Campbell. However, Campbell’s wife was wise enough to publicly and strongly denounce this accusation. 

Is Will Smith Gay?

Will Smith’s sexuality has always been in question. However, the rumors, accusations, and claims turned out to be baseless and false. Therefore we can assure you that Smith is NOT gay!

However, we can’t claim that he is completely straight as he has not confirmed it yet. But at least we can assume he is straight by keeping all his past relationships with ladies in mind.

Moreover, the Men In Black star has been married for the past two decades and has two children. Although his marriage has been on the rocks recently, that does not prove anything.

Final Thoughts

This is all we have to say about the Philadelphia-born actor’s sexual orientation. Oh, wait! Let’s go back to what we’ve mentioned earlier about him hitting Chris Rock. With this, you may have wondered whether or not he’s gay. Fortunately, he is not. 

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You read it right. He is not gay, but he might be bisexual or polyamorous. Unless he confirms it himself, it is better to assume the actor is straight! 

Well, he just did so because he wanted to defend his wife. Anyway, he felt sorry later on. Yet, we would like to hear your sentiment. What’s your say on this issue?

11 thoughts on “Is Will Smith Gay? What is Will Smith’s Sexuality?”

  1. Nice summation of Will Smiths sexuality! Some how I think that many folks who are quite creative in various areas of life, would carry that creativity though other areas , . . Sexuality being one!
    Just a thought.

  2. Is Will Smith gay? It’s debatable. Is he straight? Apparently, nobody knows. Whether he is, or isn’t, either, is none of our business. Yet, as he demonstrated to his worldwide audience at the 2022 Oscar Awards, he has no idea how to behave.

  3. This isnt fact but only my opinion…I surmise they’re both fluid sexually (though more straight leaning than gay leaning on the bisexual spectrum) but aromantically they are both hetereo. I would even go so far as to say Will is aromantically monogomous but Jada isnt…and therein lies their power dynamic and which of the two most likely instigated their open relationship status.

  4. I live in Thailand where there is alot of promiscuity, like you wish you could be here too! The issue of sexuality is that with availability, you can generally be open to new experiences without condemning yourself–people have different needs at different times. Categorizing peoples sexual identity is like because your mind can’t grasp it all., so you have to put it in a category and keep it there. Sometimes though, it belongs there.

  5. I wouldn’t say he’s completely Gay or straight but as you said cause he hand wives and you know slept with men he is possibly gay like you said!
    And It’s non off our concerne.


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