Is Venus Williams Married? Who is Venus’s Husband?

Vanessa Lynn Williams is widely known for her acting, singing, and entrepreneurship skills. She was born and raised in New York City and belonged to African-American heritage and Catholicism.

Is Is Venus Williams Married? What do you think?
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Her fans seem to be constantly concerned about her married life, relationship status, or sexuality, among all of her life details. The concern arises as Vanessa has always been a strong voice for females.

So, who is Vanessa Williams’s husband? If so, then who is that lucky man to be her husband? We will know about her marital status (if any) in this blog. So, keep on reading to learn further about your favorite celebrity’s married life.     

Is Vanessa Williams Married?

Yes, Vanessa Williams is married. And not once, but the 58-years old have married thrice in her lifetime to three different men. This tells a lot about her sexual orientation, though. Her first marriage was with Ramon Harvey II  in 1987, which took place in a St Francis Xavier catholic church with all family and friends.

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Vanessa was 24 years old during her first marriage. However, over some family disputes, Vanessa and Ramon divorced after ten long years in 1997. The duo had three beautiful children from their marriage named Melanie, Jilian, and Davin. Jilian has chosen a public life and is an American dancer and singer. 

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Later in 1999, she found love in an NBA basketball player, Rick Fox, and married him when she was 34 years old. Vanessa and Rick were married for five years, divorced each other in 2005, and had a daughter named Sasha Gabrielle Fox. 

Who is Vanessa Williams’ Husband in 2021?

Finally, after her divorce from her second husband, Rick Fox, in 2005, she was on a marriage break for almost 11 years. Then she found love in Jim Skrip and married him in 2015. She married Jim when she was 52 years old.

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Jim and Vanessa are still happily married. Jim is a businessman at Stanislaus Catholic church, and he is from Buffalo, New York. The duo is leading their life happily without any disputes till now.

However, the duo chose not to have children since they already crossed fifty, so Vanessa does not have kids with Jim.     

Final Thought

Vanessa proved that you are never too old to find love or to get married. So what if her first two marriages were failures? At least she saw the man of her life now. It is better to be late than never. We hope Jim and Vanessa live a happy married life in the future like this till they live.

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