Is Tory Lanez Jamaican or Canadian? Where is Tory Lanez From? 

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson is famous as Tory Lanez. The ‘Alone At Prom’ singer has quickly risen to fame. In 2016 he achieved national and global fame with his single songs ‘Luv’ and ‘Say It.

He practiced rapping from the time he was a child. Unfortunately, he lost his mother at an early age. Usually, the rapper sounds like a Jamaican, so is he from Jamaica? Is Tory Lanez Jamaican?

Tory Lanez is not Jamaican. He is a Canadian by birth, as his parents welcomed him on 27th June 1992 in Brampton, Canada. His ethnicity is Barbadian-Curaçaon because his father is from Barbados, and his mother is from Curaçao. 

Here’s everything you should learn about his nationality and ethnicity. 

Is Tory Lanez Jamaican?

Tory Lanez is indeed an excellent singer. His singing has something that attracts thousands of people. Especially the style he sings in. Most of his songs have Jamaican song vibes. 

Hence, it’s natural to think he is Jamaican. However, Tory Lanez is not Jamaican. He is not from that country. Although he sounds like someone who belongs to Jamaica, Lanez is not. He is from another country. 

Where is Tory Lanez From? 

Tory Lanez is from Canada. He is a Canadian. He was born in Brampton, Canada. He saw the light for the first time on 27th June 1992.

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His mother, Luella, was from Curaçao, and his Father was Bajan. Since his birthplace is Canada, the singer is Canadian by birth. 

What is Tory Lanez’s Ethnicity?

Although Lanez is from Canada, Canadian is his nationality, not his ethnicity. So then, what is his ethical background?

His father, Sonstar, is a Barbadian, and his mother is Curaçaon. Hence we can say Tory Lanez is Barnadian-Curaçaon. 

Final Words

Singer Tory Lanez is famous for his rap songs. The singer looks like an African and sounds like a Jamaican. But what’s his nationality and ethnicity? 

Well, he is neither from Jamaica nor Africa but from Canada. So he is a Canadian. But his ethnicity is also different. 

Since Tory’s mother, Luella Peterson belongs to Curaçao and his Father, Sonstar Peterson is a Barbadian, Lanez’s racial background is a Barbadian-Curaçaon.

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