Is Tom Selleck Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Despite doing two marriage, some people ask this types of questions that, is Tom Selleck Gay? Now you might be wondering how this gay rumor spread online. Basically, the fact is some people love to ask questions about celebrates sexual orientation. And this’s how the rumor begins.

Since 70s Tom Selleck has to face the question. Is he gay or nor?
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Tom Selleck is one of the most popular actors and film producers in America. He was pretty handsome in the 80s. Therefore, since then, he has had to face these types of questions regarding his sexuality. Though his name never linked with any of the male actors or other people. 

Though he never came out as gay. But still, here we are. Tom is totally a family person. Currently, he has around 34 years of married life with his wife, Jillie Mack. And this pair has a daughter named Hannah. 

How the Gay Rumor Started?

This gay rumor started a long time before, in the 1970s. Even though at that time, Tom wasn’t that much famous. And with time after doing Magnum, P.I., this gay rumor had its peak. Moreover, years ago when Global (tabloid) published an article that Tom Selleck is gay. Since that time, this rumor has taken a rise. Though it was completely untrue, they printed that article without any proof or facts. 

On the other hand, once Tom started in a gay movie named “in and out.” That was an American comedy movie released in 1997 and directed by Frank Oz. Tom’s role as a reporter in that film. Where his character name was Peter Malloy, who’s gay. The movie consists of super comedy. If you are a comedy fan, you should watch it. 

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These are the possible way that the gay rumor started. Based on some gossip, old news, and acting in a gay film doesn’t make scenes that Tim Selleck is gay. 

What’s Tom Selleck Sexual Orientation? 

The 76 years old actor, Tom Selleck always makes himself clear about his sexual orientation that he’s straight. He was pretty surprised when he saw the article published by Globe regarding his sexuality. He took legal action against Globe immediately that time.

Tom filed a $20 million lawsuit against Globe though that matter was settled outside the court with an unknown amount. After that, Globe reprinted an apology statement for damaging Tom’s reputation and professional career. 

Selleck is two times married guy. Who has his own children. If he was gay, he would not have a 34 years married life with his second wife, Jillie. Therefore, it’s crystal clear that Tom’s heterosexual and happily living with his family. 

Tom Selleck and Jellie’s Married Life: 

Rom and Jellie’s marriage life is an example to the world. They have been together for around 34 years. Do you find any relevance to call a man gay who has more than 3 decades of successful marriage life? Some people are good at spreading the rumor. But any of these sorts of stories couldn’t be able to damage his career.

He has more than 50 years of glory acting career. Now he is 76, and he might stop thinking about this “Gay Rumor.” All we could do was support our loving Thomas Magnum till the last day in his Life. Lastly, Tom Selleck isn’t gay neither bisexual. 

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