Is Timothée Chalamet Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

On today’s date, the celebrity name list in gay rumors is numerous. As likewise before, he became a household name through his performance in the” Call Me By Your Name” the actor was so appreciated and popular in Hollywood.

What's Timothée Chalamet's sexuality?
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None other than the actor’s name is Timothee Chalamet. Besides his performance, the American actor was written his name on the gay rumors list.

So far, Timothee’s sexuality was in question for his excellent performance in a gay character, and it started the fan asking that Is Timothee Chalamet Gay.

Is Timothée Chalamet Gay?

No, Timothee Chalamet is not gay as per his sexuality. However, he has not publicly disclosed his sexual orientation or proclaimed his sexuality.

Surrounding Timothee, the gay rumors were after he characterized a gay man as an Elio Perlman, though in the 2017 film Call Me By Your Name.

The crowd and critics received the movie with the longest ten-minute applause in the history of the New York Film Festival.

Indeed, there is a question of The Beautiful Boy’s actor sexuality after his appearance, powerful and realistic performance for his gay character. Of course, there are rumors of being gay; likewise, multiple celebrities are not true.

Timothée Chalamet Sexuality

As being gay Timothee Chalamet, there is no record. Recently his connection arises, with the gay rumor. 

The Oscar nominee actors’ announcement worked as fuel in the fire when he donated his entire wages earned from Woody Allen’s movie to the LGBT Community Center.

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Despite this, the gay rumor worked against him much while performing gay characters in the movie, which appeared as actual characters. However, he did not make any statement on this rumor.

Rest Satisfied, Timothee Chalamet’s sexuality is Straight.


The controversy arises on the Chalamet while making a sign to work with Allen. There was a controversy against Woody Allen, who was charged with sexual abuse with his adopted daughter Dylon Farrow. 

The effects of this allegation have influenced Allen’s profession negatively. For example, Amazon Studios withdrew a deal to disperse his current movies.

Besides this, famous Actors like Mira Sorvino, Ellen, and Greta Gerwig, Page also refused to be with him. On the other hand, American actor Chalamet decided to work with him in the movie ‘A Rainy Day in New York.

The actor believes that in his mentor and confession. Timothee Chalamet was sure that the more senior man did not molest his stepdaughter, Farrow.

Do Timothee Chalamet Has Relationship With A Girlfriend or Boyfriend 


Timothee Chalamet is undoubtedly the affectionate boyfriend of Lily Rose-Depp. As of 2021, the couple is back for the second time.

It reported the couple in October 2018 they first dated. They are recognized to be very secretive about their dating life and relationship and manage to hold it out of the limelight.

Though the compromise of the two youth actors has brought happiness to their fans, in 2019, it cast Timothee and Lily in the ancient drama movie “The King,” which featured the main characters. 

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Therefore, it makes clear and senses that the sexual orientation of Timothée Chalamet is straight, and he is not gay.

Final Verdict

Therefore, after observing the above information, we realize Timothée Chalamet is straight and not gay. Further, we get to know any other news about his personal life, and we will soon reach you.

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