Is Tim Dillon Gay? What’s Tim Dillon’s Sexual Orientation?

Many of you are eagerly waiting to know about Tim Dillon’s sexuality. Let’s go through the whole article, and you will find out about Tim Dillon’s sexual orientation.

Tim, an American stand-up comedian, was born in 1985 and is now 36 years old. But he became sure about his sexual orientation at the age of 25, and he never tried to hide it.

Even in many tweets, he was quite vocal about his relationship. Check here out what he has said about his relationships!

Is Tim Dillon Gay?

At the age of 25, Tim Dillon explored his actual sexual orientation. Yes! He is gay. He was assured about his sexuality when he was working in a murder trial.

He made a statement on this at Moontower Comedy News. There he talked about all the changes that happened to his life after being a part of that trial.

As per his statement, “…One of them was quitting drinking, one of them was starting stand-up comedy, one was coming out of the closet. I had been in the closet until 25, which was very late by today’s standards. By those standards 2010, it was late. So those were three things I did and all within like a two to three months radius.”

What’s Tim Dillon’s sexual orientation?

If you still have any kind of doubt about Tim Dillon’s sexual orientation, here is the proof for you. On September 14, 2019, Tim tweeted on Twitter from his verified account,As a gay person, am I now supposed pretend gay people haven’t ever been racist lol? Or only white dues are homophobic? Intersectionality doesn’t exist….” Hence, you see, he is pretty expressive and confident about his sexual orientation.

So this wasn’t a rumor at all! Despite his homosexuality, he has a strong opinion about his life and love life too. Once in an interview with Vulture, Tim said, “…That feeling of love will fade, I think. That in itself is interesting. It really sparks the idea that you need a partner more than a husband or wife.”

What’s Tim Dillon’s relationship status? Who is he married to?

We are working to gather information about his current relationship status. As he is not so vocal about his relationship on media nowadays, so it is not available now. We will update here as soon as we are informed!

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A huge and remarkable change has been in Tim Dillon’s life since 2010. In 2019, Tim stated that he hadn’t consumed alcohol or drugs for more than ten years.

That’s when Tim Dillon got confident about his sexuality too. Tim has always been open about this fact of his life. It’s been years since Tim Dillon had made this fact public.

Still, fans love him in the same way. He owns a merchandise website where fans visit and shop all sorts of items. Tim is a gratified member of gay sexuality.

Moreover, he doesn’t oppose the idea of love, but he thinks love can lead one to make bad decisions like marrying someone with whom one has no shared values.

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