Is Seth Macfarlane Irish? What’s His Ethnicity?

Seth Macfarlane is among the most recognized animator in the world. He is best known for his brilliant creations, including The Orville and Family Guy.

Our hero also co-created The Cleveland Show and American Dad. Besides that, he is also considered a jock of all trades. He is a singer, filmmaker, comedian, producer, director, writer, and actor. 

If you have watched Phineas and Ferb’s show, he has been a guest star there. He played the role of Jeff McFarland. But enough about his work, today we will, be focusing more on his ethnicity since many asked: Is Seth Macfarlane Irish.

So today, we have decided to answer that particular question. To be able to do that, we have done our research. Below are our findings on the ethnicity and race of the talented public figure. 

What Is Seth Macfarlane’s Ethnicity?

The star has mixed roots, including Irish, Scottish, and English. He is considered white. The actor is American since he was born in the United States in terms of his nationality. Let us take a closer look at his ancestry race below.

Tracing Seth Macfarlane’s Ancestry Race

The Hollywood star was born to Ronal Milton and Ann Perry Macfarlane. As mentioned earlier, he has Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry. Through the bloodline of his maternal grandmother, he is traced to be a descendant of a noted Pilgrim and Mayflower passenger, William Brewster.

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Some other descendants of William in the entertainment business include Elisabeth Shue, Taylor Lautner, Chevy Chase, Paget Brewster, and Jordana Brewster.

The paternal grandfather of the actor is Milton Worcester Macfarlane. He is the son of Lillian May Wood and Frederick Blane Macfarlane. His mother gave birth to him in Massachusetts. That is the same place where his mother was born, while the place of birth of his father was Gibson.

Consequently, the paternal grandmother of the animator is Selina Alfreda Shean. She was born to June Adelaide Chick and Edwards Richard Shean. Her place of birth was in Maine. Her father has Canadian parents, and his place of birth is in New Hampshire. On the other hand, her mother is from Québec.

Now, let us look at his mother’s side. His maternal grandfather’s name is Arthur Woodbury Sager. He was born to Jennie Cunningham and George Robert Sager. His place of birth is in Maine.

Correspondingly, her maternal grandmother’s name is Berta Rogers. She is the child of Edith Emma Allen and Louis Rogers. Her place of birth was in Massachusetts. Both of her parents are from England.

Is Seth Macfarlane Irish?

Yes, the international celebrity has Irish roots. Other than that, you already read earlier that he is of Scottish and English ancestry. Furthermore, he descends from a Mayflower passenger. 

It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks! You have read the answer to your question: Is Seth Macfarlane Irish. Furthermore, you know his ancestry race, as we had discussed earlier what we had found out when we researched this. 

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