Is Sam Heughan Gay? A Closer Look at Sam Heughan’s Sexuality

Sam Heughan has done a great job in the entertainment industry. He did plenty of roles in movies and series. But he is famous for playing Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series. 

Not only the story of the series but Heughan earned the public’s attention. After knowing a little about him, people grew interested to learn if Sam Heughan was gay.

Till now, Sam Heughan hasn’t come out as gay. Besides, he was never caught involved with guys romantically. 

This article will examine his personal life to determine his sexual interests and if he is straight. So let’s begin.

Sam Heughan Never Confirmed Himself Gay 

Is Sam Heughan gay? It’s one of the most asked questions by his fans, especially female supporters. It’s because many female followers of Sam have a massive crush on him, so they are keen to know his sexual interests. 

Unfortunately, rumors are going on YouTube that the Outlander actor confirmed a gay relationship with Graham McTavish.

This news is completely fake, and there is no interview found on the internet where he either confirmed himself as gay or verified the news of his relationship with Graham. 

Every gay celebrity has come out of the closet, and they are openly gay. Since Sam Heughan hasn’t declared his sexual orientation as homosexual, no one else can confirm it.

Besides, celebrities are completely into women. He stayed close to women more than men and was never romantically involved with any guy. 

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Sam Heughan’s Twitter Post Confused His Fans About His Sexuality

The rumors about his being gay are not the only reason his followers thought him, homosexual. The ‘SAS: Red Notice’ actor also posted something unusual on Twitter, which intensified his gay gossip. On 22nd October 2017, he posted about homosexuality. 

The actor wrote, “Boring and homosexual never go together. But thank you for the compliment. x” he replied to three accounts ‘@sylvia_staunton, @Outlander_starz and @Starz.’ That post made many people think that those accounts complimented Sam Heughan for being gay, and he is thankful for that. 

However, the post means something else. It was nothing but simply an opinion, and Heughan accepted that homosexuality is not dull. Of course, the Scottish actor supports the gay community, but that doesn’t make him a part of them. 

Sam Heughan Couldn’t Enjoy a Relationship for His Busy Schedules

For celebrities who keep silent about their gender orientation, the media has to look at their dating life to assume whether they are straight or gay. When the different media sources dug deeper into Heughan’s love life, they found nothing. 

There is no evidence of the actor dating women. Although speculations are saying, he was linked with some female stars, including Cody, Kennedy, Mackenzie Mauzy and Amy Shields.

While he used to keep quiet about his romantic life in the past, he recently opened up to People magazine. 

‘The Spy Who Dumped Me actor said in the interview, “Certainly, relationships are hard when you’re working in Scotland 10 months a year. I travel a lot, and in any downtime I have, I’m trying to do other projects so very much, my career comes first. Maybe I will find someone eventually.” 

It’s sad because it seems Sam is interested in love, but his busy life isn’t letting him be a lover in real life. Since there is no substantial proof of him being or acting as gay or verifying himself as homosexual, we are bound to believe that Sam Heughan is straight. 

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Final Words

Sam Heughan is a Scottish actor who is well known for his acting in the Outlander series. He played an essential character and caught the attention of thousands of females with his handsome face and excellent acting. 

Is Sam Heughan gay? It’s a big question because everyone wants to learn about his love interest. Is it a man or a woman he wants as his partner? Actually, Sam Heughan is straight. 

Although he didn’t mention himself as heterosexual, strong speculations say he has no interest in men. So, without his romantic involvement with men or coming out as homosexual, we are not even allowed to think of him as gay.

8 thoughts on “Is Sam Heughan Gay? A Closer Look at Sam Heughan’s Sexuality”

  1. I have to say that if it were me in that situation, I would feel compelled to give a public statement. This is what I would say, “I don’t understand all of the animosity. I am an actor and that is what I did, I was playing a role. The character I play is NOT who I am. “

  2. I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that individuals find some reason to attack anyone much less someone they do not know! A person even those that are public figures do not need to share their PERSONAL LIFE with anyone unless they choose to do so
    Seriously? Death threats, stalking, attempting to break into personal accounts or any type of harassment is unacceptable to anyone who is sane! Those who engage in this type of activity would be much better off spending their time in conversation with a mental health professional.

  3. I can’t understand why anyone would talk about Sam Heughan and his friends. Certainly don’t have any kind of life, now they are trying to destroy a very nice person like Mr heughan… think they should be seeing a doctor and get their head examined. Sam Heughan is a very nice person, hasn’t done anything to anyone one else.. seems it must be jealousy. go get your self checked into a mental hospital.. and then change your life around instead of trying to hurt others… really feel sorry for you.

  4. These vicious people are losers and envious of Sam’s good looks, talent and success. He
    is todays Erroll Flynn except better in every way. Should be the next James Bond or Bat Man!

  5. I just read the Article about Sam Heughan.
    It ‘s Overwhelming how People can be so Manipulative, Hateful, and Wrong They can be!
    I Don’t know Sam Personally, but Do know that He’s a Brilliant Actor. The Scenes in Outlander were Abrasive, Gay Scenes were written to show the History full circle!
    To those Who Bullied Sam, His Family, Friends, & Cast mates
    should be ashamed! Obviously these people Don’t know Excellent Acting. Shame on You using words that can destroy a Person’s Life & Livelihood. We need More Love in this World! Love, Peace, & Happiness, not Hate!

  6. What difference would does it make if he is gay?!? He is an actor, and as such he plays the role of many different characters!!! Gay, straight, trans, whatever….he is a great actor, and from what l can tell a kind, decent human being! For those who only want to belittle and try to dig up dirt ,..shame on you, and remember, “Karma is a Bitch”!

  7. From everything I read, Sam is a very decent and kind man. Excellent actor. No one should care if he’s straight, gay or whatever. No one’s business but Sam’s. I admire Sam greatly, and would love to meet him next year when I am visiting Edinburgh again.

  8. Depuis quand juge t-on quelqu’un sur son orientation sexuelle? Je suis fan de Sam et de la serie Outlander, Etre fan, ça veut dire aimer. Le fait qu’il ait joué dans deux rôles d’homosexuels ne signifie pas forcément qu’il en soit un; David Berry a tourné des scènes trés explicite dans un film et même Hugh Grant qui a repris le rôle de Sam dans un very british scandale…ont joué des rôles d’homosexuels et sont des hommes mariés avec des enfants. Nous vivons une époque où les gens ont besoin d’étiqueter et moi je suis contre cette façon de penser. C’est un superbe acteur, gentil et bienveillant, ça me suffit. Le reste, c’est sa vie Privée. A nous de la respecter.


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