Is Ryan Seacrest Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

What is Ryan Seacrest’s sexual orientation? Is he gay? Everyday, people are searching for information about Ryan’s sexuality.

What's Ryan Seacrest's sexuality?
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You guys are probably also interested. Here, in this article, we have gathered information from different websites about this celebrity’s sexuality.

Ryan Seacrest is a popular face in Hollywood. He was born on 24th December 1974 in Georgia. Currently, he is working as a co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Moreover, he has a massive collection of fashionable clothes & accessories named Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?: Nope!

The answer is no. Ryan’s best friend assured that he is not gay but a straight man & refused all the rumors. He said that if people believed these rumors, they were wrong. For instance, did you love a gay person if you were not gay?

Besides, Ryan’s dating history indicates that he is not gay. In his life, he dated several women & liked them. He changes his girlfriends whenever he needs to change according to his choice.

A video went viral about Britney’s realization that this celebrity is not gay. Previously, Britney, who is Ryan’s friend, said that Ryan is gay.

Ryan Seacrest’s Dating History

You will be surprised to know several dating histories of this celebrity. In 2006, Seacrest & Teri Hatcher, who is one of the desperate Housewives, kissed publicly.

In 2009, Seacrest had a relationship with Sara Jean, Playmate of the Year. Moreover, Seacrest had a relationship with Juliane Hough for three years. But their relationship didn’t last. They broke up in 2013. 

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Besides these three relationships, Ryan had a relationship with Shayna Taylor’s model. They had a sharp relationship.

The couple continued their relationship for three years. Later, they transferred from Los Angeles to New York & started to live together at a Manhattan apartment.

What Did Julianne Hough Said About Ryan’s Sexuality?

One of Ryan’s ex-girlfriends named Juliane Hough, who was the winner of Dancing with the stars, thought that Ryan was gay. But later, when she started to date Seacrest, she understood that he was just a straight man.

Julianne spoke out about his new boyfriend’s sexuality. At the time of celebrating her 22nd birthday with her friends at Morton’s steakhouse in North Carolina said that Ryan was totally different from her. She said to TMZ that she thought that he was gay.

But Julianne added that she felt that she loved Ryan so much later when she dated Ryan. The couple used to go on dinner dates & shopping trips repeatedly.

Why This Gay Rumor?: Two Reasons

Do you know the reason behind this rumor? Let’s find out.  Well, there are mainly two reasons behind people’s thoughts. Firstly, his interest in fashion & too much worry about his getting up.

Another reason is that he has a close relationship with Simon Cowell, who is an American Idol judge. Simon seems to be gay. Simon always calls Seacrest as “SWEETHEART.”

In 2008, a journalist asked Simon if Ryan was gay?. Cowell made fun & called him to be “happy.” In 2015, at the time of acting on American Idol episodes, he again made fun & told Seacrest to “come out of the closet.”

Wrap Up

Ryan Seacrest is a multi-talented person. He does not declare anything about his sexuality publicly. Like many other celebrities, he likes to keep his personal life private.

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Nevertheless, it is quite clear that this guy is a straight man from all this information. Hopefully, now you have got a clear answer to your inquiry.

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  1. I’ve been wondering about Ryan. I have since he did the NBC Olympic Games. Kelly you are lucky to work with Ryan. Ryan is a Super Nice Guy. Maybe I’ll watch New Year’s Eve ABC Rockin Eve. Hope to meet up with my Banking Friend Ryan someday again soon. Having this Sexual Identity issue is driving me crazy.


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