Is Queen Latifah Married? Who’s Queen Latifah’s Wife?

Not all celebrities like to make it public! Yes, although celebs remain in the public eye, fans always think they are bound to be open about their private life too. However, it is not the case.

Is Queen Latifah Married or not?
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Similarly, famous American singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and rapper Queen Latifah have also kept her private life. She is unwilling to open up about her relationship status, especially for which it has always been a mystery.

Fans have curious questions such as, is Queen Latifah married? If so, who is Queen Latifah’s wife? But nothing remains hidden in this era, even if she tries to hide it. We have gathered some information about her marital/ relationship life that we will include in this blog. Read below to know more.

Who is Queen Latifah married to?

The 51 years old American superstar is not married to anyone yet. However, that does not mean that she is single. She is in a long-time relationship with choreographer and dancer Eboni Nichols. Since 2013, the duo has been rumored to be dating.

Neither of them opened their mouths on being in a relationship with each other. After a long time, it was confirmed that the singer-dancer duo had been in a relationship since 2013. Not only are they in a relationship, but they are also mothers to a son named Rebel.

They welcomed their first child together in early 2019, and Ebony carried the child.  Queen Latifah is a notoriously secret-keeper when it comes to her personal life. She did not even share the news of her child’s arrival or birth.

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Thanks to the media who were keeping up with them. After a long relationship of almost nine years, the duo is enjoying parenthood with their son but still hasn’t married yet.

Who is Eboni Nichols? 

All of us now know Eboni Nichols as the longest-time partner of American superstar Queen Latifah. However, now let us know about her a bit personally. Ebony Nichols is a dancer by profession, but now she works as a professional choreographer.

In her college days, the talent also used to work as a cheerleader in Los Angeles Lakers Girls’ top squad. She completed her graduation from the Chapman University of California in Dance and Theatre as her degree.

After her studies, she worked as a side dancer for many world-class celebrity concerts, such as Beyonce, JLo, Usher, etc. The talented choreographer also worked on many Hollywood blockbuster dances, such as Welcome to the Jungle, Girls Trip, Office Christmas Party, and many more.

Moreover, she also choreographed Tv series dances in ABC Comedy Fresh off the Boat, Jane the Virgin, etc.   

Final Thought

So, now you know that the megastar Queen Latifah is not married yet, but in a long relationship with choreographer Ebony Nichols. We should respect her choice of not revealing much about her personal life and not interrupt much. But whatever we know till now, we pray that she stays happy with her partner and the new family that she always dreamt of.  

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