Is Playboi Carti Gay? What Did Carti Say About His Sexuality?

Playboi Carti is a rapper who has gained popularity for his melodic songs. This celebrity was born on 13th September 1996. He is well known by his stage name Sir Cartier. Carti holds the zodiac sign, Virgo. 

Now, people often ask on the internet about Palyboi Carti’s sexuality if he is gay or not. His fans & followers are dying to know the answer.

Today, I am here to inform you of all the details about this rapper’s sexuality & what he said regarding it.

Is Playboi Carti Gay? 

There are some rumors regarding this celebrity’s sexuality. Surprisingly, these are not right. Playboi Carti is not gay. Probably he was involved in a long-term relationship with a woman.

His fans & followers are waiting for the days when his sophomore album, “Whole Lotta Red,” ultimately falls. But at the same time, they have become overwhelmed with excellent lyrics.

He posted on the gram & his fans & followers selected the line that Playboi is serving that people thought he was gay.

The lyric enormously influenced his fans & followers that they started to troll, including Shakespeare breaking envy, Lebron screaming, “oh my God!” And the term “they thought I was gay” was posted on Twitter.

What Does Playboi Say Against The Gay Rumor?

Playboi Carti has opened up his mouth against the gay rumor. People thought the rapper was gay because of his weird style. Finally, he has broken the silence in a new magazine interview.

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He said, “If the world’s going right. I’m going to go left. If your cross is straight, then I’m going to put my shit upside down. If you hate cigarettes, then I’m going to smoke as many as I can.”

He did not become afraid of telling the truth about himself. He also added, “I’m anti-everything. I’m not going out my way to have people like, ‘Oh, what the f**k’s Carti on?’ No, I don’t give a f**k. I’m myself.”

Did Playboi Date Iggy Azalea?

Yes, Iggy Azalea was his Ex. This celebrity likes to wear leather pants & mesh vests who had a relationship with Iggy Azalea. They dated for two years & lived together, but later they decided to choose their ways just a month ago.

People thought that the couple was engaged when they lost a diamond ring from their home. But you will be surprised that this was a rumor.

You will be surprised that this couple gave birth to a baby son in May. First, they kept the news secret, but later, Iggy assured them that last month saying that she was raising his son alone.

She also added, “@Meh” artist is still very much in Onyx’s life, writing, “Onyx is so adored by his dad & has always had both parents in his life from the day.”

Dating History of Playboi Carti

This celebrity’s dating history is not pretty specific. Instead, we have gathered information from different sources.

According to our records, Playboi Carti is currently single. This celebrity prefers to keep his personal life hidden, so he doesn’t share much information about it.

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Though he is single now, he had at least a few relationships. We are sorry for not informing you of all the details. He was not engaged previously. It’s pretty tough to know all the breakups & hookups of this celebrity like many other celebrities.

We are working on it; keep visiting our page to get updated news. If you have any information, please inform us.

Wrap Up

This well-known rapper is so daring that he doesn’t care what people think about him. He leads life according to his choice. All the information mentioned above that this celebrity is not gay.

Surprisingly, he has gained massive fans through his hard work. Hopefully, now you understand Playboi Carti’s sexuality.

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