Is Olivia Rodrigo Christian? Which Religion Does She Follow?

Ever since the start of her career, Olivia is never one to shy away from opening up about her Filipino roots. From the cuisine to the traditions, the Filipino culture is alive and thriving in Olivia’s life.

But if there’s one thing Filipinos are also known for, it’s their strong Christian beliefs. And as someone who also happens to be American – another God-fearing community – Olivia Rodrigo most likely follows the Christian faith as well… or does she, though?

As far as we know, Olivia is part of the long list of popstars who aren’t too vocal about their religious beliefs. Plus, she doesn’t seem to be the type of role model that Christian and Catholic groups envision for their young girls (especially with all the cussing). But hey, times have changed. Perhaps Christianity has warmed up to bad words?

Kidding aside, it seems that some of her fans are genuinely curious as to what Olivia’s religion is. If you’re interested in learning more about that, keep reading!

What is Olivia Rodrigo’s Religious Belief?

As stated in some reports, Olivia Rodrigo does seem to practice Christianity. This may be due to her family’s influence – more specifically, her Filipino grandma, as they seem to have a very close relationship.

Not much is known about her lola, but we can only assume that she’s super religious. Remember Ned’s lola from Spiderman: No Way Home? She’s the perfect representation of every typical Filipino grandma out there. Perhaps the case is the same with grandma Rodrigo. 

Plus, statistics alone show that there’s a big chance that Olivia’s grandma is Christian. Around 92.5% of Filipinos are adherents of the Christian faith. 

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Of course, we’re also factoring in Olivia’s American heritage. The most prevalent religion in the U.S. is currently Christianity. They account for 65% to 75% of the entire American population.

While these numbers certainly look promising, we still can’t say with 100% certainty that Olivia Rodrigo is, in fact, Christian. She has not confirmed it nor spoken about the subject yet. She may just be casually practicing its traditions, though.

Christians Weigh In On Olivia Rodrigo’s Music 

Despite the fact that Olivia sings mostly about her heartbreaks and struggles in life, some Christians have opened up about her song’s influence on their faith. They claim that they could somehow relate the painful lyrics with their own struggles as followers of Christ.

Mike Tenney, a blogger for American Magazine, wrote that Catholics may have a thing or two to learn from Olivia’s songs. According to him, Olivia helped shed light on the biggest challenge that many Catholic students nowadays face. He then offers this question as a food for thought:

What if our church, like Rodrigo, found ways to verbalize and validate the emotional experiences of youth? Moreover, what if our church better prioritized opportunities for young people to have meaningful fellowship and mentorship? Young people yearn for deep relationships beyond social media and they need help learning how to build it.

In Olivia’s track Hope Ur Ok, she also touched on the subject of religious parents who, in the process of trying to please God, neglects their emotional responsibilities to their children.

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Although it caused quite a controversy, some Christians actually appreciated the lyrics as they serve as an eye-opener to many of their brothers and sisters. Mike Tenney commented on those lyrics by saying:

Like a modern day Qoheleth from the book of Ecclesiastes, she looks at the preoccupations of her world and cries “vanity!” In doing so, she is pointing her listeners towards something more eternal.”

But, of course, there are still those who are stuck in the early years of the internet, blatantly accusing Olivia Rodrigo as a Satanist – or better yet, a member of the Illuminati – for simply being successful.

Whether or not she is Christian, a Catholic, or a Muslim, Olivia Rodrigo deserves respect no matter what.

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