Is Nicki Minaj’s Teeth Fake or Real? Here’s the Truth

Nicki Minaj has been hitting the billboard top charts with her songs for more than a decade. This is why the 38 years old hip-rapper is one of the most followed and loved artists in the American entertainment industry.

Nicki Minaj teeth with smile.
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After a long and sole struggle of years, Nicki finally came to fame. Some of her notable creations, which people will remember her for, are ‘Super Bass’, ‘Starships’ and ‘Anaconda.’ Along with Nicki’s uncanny fashion statements, Nicki’s teeth are also in the limelight.

Media and fans are always hovering over whether Nicki Minaj’s teeth are fake or real? If you are wondering so, we have got you covered here! 

Is Nicki Minaj’s Teeth Fake or Real? 

So when you first saw Nicki Minaj’s smiling, what was the first impression about her teeth? Fake or real? If you are thinking these are fake, then you are wrong here. The Super Bass singer’s teeth are 100% real, which you can compare with her before and after pictures.

In a world of veneers, teeth crowns, and dentures, the Trinidadian-born rapper opted to show off her natural teeth, which is a big thing. 

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It was evident for anyone to think her teeth were unnatural because they were perfectly straight and aligned. The rapper had braces on her teeth in her pre-teen years. But Hey! Don’t we all have had braces in our lives? Braces are life saviors to enhance one’s smiling confidence!

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Moreover, like anyone who stays in the media attention, Nicki Minaj also gets her teeth whitened and polished to make them look sparkly. Because we also would never want to show the world our dental stains if we were at her place! 

How were Nicki Minaj’s teeth before she got famous?

Before she was famous, the Starships singer did have yellow stained teeth like us. She had stains of tar on her tooth due to her consuming tobacco, nicotine, and things like that because such colors can only be seen on a smoker’s teeth.

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However, as mentioned earlier, she got those stains removed after her fame by a dental whitening procedure. Dental whitening is a widespread dental procedure, and it is not included in dental surgeries, etc.

Now, the 38 years old rapper is more camera conscious and in constant media attention, so she probably has given up on her nicotine intake or gets her teeth whitened now and then. You can see her white smiles with no stains on her Instagram pictures if you follow her. 

Final thought

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So, this was all for the story behind Nicki Minaj’s teeth! We hope you were able to clear your doubts regarding her teeth’ authenticity. The Anaconda singer’s teeth are 100% real. She aligned them with braces like everyone one of us and got her dental whitening procedures to remove stains.

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Nonetheless, the rapper did not go under any surgeries, nor did she wear any veneers to cover her real set of teeth.  

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