Is Nicki Minaj’s Butt Fake? When Did She Implant her Butt?

Onika Tanya Meraj-Petty, or Nicki Minaj as we know her, is a well-known face in the American music industry. Nicki has earned a million hearts worldwide with her songs, for which she is one of the highest-paid singers in the world.

Nicki Minaj surgery history.
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There is one kind of tradition you can say to go under the knife in the celebrity world. It means doing plastic surgeries or implants to look ‘good’ on camera. From Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez, everyone has gone under some or other kind of surgery. Some of them admit it bravely, where others do not.

Similarly, Nicki Minaj is rumored to get butt implants. Now let’s see whether the Trinidadian-born American singer-rapper has got her butt implants or not? Is Nicki Minaj’s fake butt a real thing or false?

Is Nicki Minaj’s Butt Fake? and When Did She Implant her Butt? 

Nicki Minaj breaks the internet whenever she posts her full-body pictures. To the eyes of her 100+ million followers, Nicki’s uncanny butt size becomes the center of attraction. We must say, the 38 years old rapper loves to showcase her killer curves.

Fans, well, the haters are always commenting ‘Fake,’ ‘man-made,’ ‘plastic,’ and things like that. Constant hate comments mentally affected the ‘Anaconda’ song rapper, but she felt reluctant to answer the haters. On being asked about her butt implants, Nicki neither admitted nor denied the question.

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However, she claimed that she was born with a medium-sized butt, and she does extensive exercise to enlarge and maintain the shape of her butt. However, she has not gone under the knife for her butt. 

Did Nicki Minaj have any other plastic surgery?

The 38 years old has been rumored to have many surgeries. Whenever she posts a picture or releases a new video, fans claim her face looks different in all of them. Initially, Nicki was not replying to them.

However, when things were getting out of hand, Nicki gave a reply to them all. The rapper said she had never gone under the knife in her life. The looks that Nicki achieves in her pictures or music videos were due to makeup.

She gets her makeup done by some world-best makeup artists and likes to try new looks on herself. Nicki’s fashion sense is not unknown to us, so her makeup looks should not be unknown too. 

Final thought

Minaj is a bold rapper who has achieved success after tremendous hard work of years, considering she had no support in this industry. Even if she did butt implants or went under the knife, we don’t think she would have hidden it.

The ‘Starship’ singer likes to play with her outlooks, and even if Minaj had gone under surgery, it would be her choice. No person deserves to get hate comments to that extent that mentally tears them apart like Nicki got even though she did not get any butt implants! So, the secret to the rapper’s large butt size is her gym and exercise. 

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