Is Nancy Pelosi an alcoholic? Here’s the Truth

Nancy Pelosi is a well-known face in the political world of the USA. As such, she is always in the limelight. She has a well-established career and earned a reputation through her hard work and dedication.

Moreover, she is also an inspiration to many young women, whether they aspire to be politicians or not. 

A dark side of being a public figure is that rumors and false statements roam around. People always make mountains out of a molehill.

A very recent rumor about Nancy Pelosi is that she got drunk. Is Nancy Pelosi an alcoholic? This question then seemed to create havoc on the internet. Today, we will know the truth behind all these rumors. 

Does Nancy Pelosi Drink?

The short answer is Nancy Pelosi does not drink. Then why were people assuming that she is an alcoholic and got drunk while giving a speech? At a May news conference, Pelosi’s speech was slowed and she seemed intoxicated.

It is still unknown whether the video was altered intentionally to ruin Nancy’s reputation or if it was an unintentional thing. Whatever it was, the speech went viral on social media platforms, with people claiming Nancy Pelosi is drunk. 

While being interviewed, Pelosi was drinking water from a small plastic cup. People assumed that was alcohol since Nancy seemed drunk. However, later in the raw footage, Nancy’s speech was completely fine and natural.

Her voice was not slurring. It seemed like someone manipulated the footage by photoshopping a particular area and slowing down the speed. The viral footage of Pelosi hit over 2 million views on Facebook. Later, the speaker debunked the rumor about herself with proof.

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Another history of false drunk allegations for Nancy Pelosi.

Back in 2016, there was a so-called ‘drunken’ photo of Nancy Pelosi roaming around the Internet. Here, an image of her and then US president Barack Obama was captured in a way that insinuated that they were drunk and escorting each other. 

However, that was not the first time Nancy received false allegations of being drunk. Her haters constantly come out of nowhere and manipulate certain candid situations in such a way that makes the Congresswoman seem intoxicated.

Are these the work of haters or people casually taking advantage of her fame to make a photo or video go viral? The image went viral quickly and people were commenting without knowing the truth. Later, Pelosi’s chief deputy staff confirmed that the house speaker does not drink.

Final Thoughts

Nancy Pelosi is not an alcoholic. In the world of social media and technology, it is very easy to defame a person by manipulating their videos and photos.

First of all, photo and video manipulation are illegal. Secondly, it can crush the person mentally. Therefore, whenever you see such rumors about anyone, first try to validate the claims. There is an 80% chance of a rumor turning out to be false.

19 thoughts on “Is Nancy Pelosi an alcoholic? Here’s the Truth”

    • Why is her eyes sink so far in her head. Why is her face always red. No matter how much crap they put on her face, it still shows signs of a alcoholic. It is very clear she has been drinking for a long time now. All signs show the facts.

    • Because this is left bs propaganda a federal judge allowed the release of her extensive alcoholism treatment. They flood the media with nonsense to make the real info hard to find just like they do with everything

      • “They flood the media with nonsense to make the real info hard to find just like they do with everything”

        Whomever you are… you’re a very observant person.
        Never stop. Don’t let them trick you. You’re amazing and these charlatans are demons.

  1. she drinks.. how would you know if she doesnt? i would bet the high majority of politicians drink… they even have a word for it.. back in the “good ol days” politicians from both sides of the aisle used to go get smashed together for “bonding moment” so they could get deals done…. we need to bring that back.

  2. my Mother was a closet alcoholic, you would never see her take a drink, my mom and Nancy Pelosi have the same mannerisms and same speech, Ms. Pelosi is hard drinking Alcoholic, I can say that for sure

  3. “The short answer is Nancy Pelosi does not drink.”

    How about the long answer then?

    “Moreover, she is also an inspiration to many young women, whether they aspire to be politicians or not. “

    Sources please.

    I’ll give her a pass though. Perhaps just lingering effects of the reoccurring coke-fueled orgies in DC. Conjecture? Nah, you know the kid wasn’t lyin

  4. If you support Pelosi,
    Then I wouldn’t be trying to claim that she doesn’t drink.
    Because it’s 100% clear as day, that she’s some sort of intoxicated and it happens often! Is it the Adrenochrome?

    I’ve watched several videos where that woman was obviously intoxicated. I’m sort of an expert on that topic, and I’m not alone in my diagnosis. Normally I’d just say that she appears drunk, but this article is claiming that she doesn’t drink at all.

    LOL, okay. Then it must be something else that she’s doing.


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