Is Michael Strahan Gay? What is his Sexuality?

Michael Strahan is a well-known American television star and journalist. Besides, he has gained global recognition as a football analyst. He was with the New York Giants for 15 years. 

People are so curious to learn about Michael Strahan’s sexuality. The most logical reason behind this is that Michael Strahan’s second wife claimed that he was gay. 

Here, in this article, I will remove all of this confusion and rumors. So, if you are interested, stick with this article.

Is Michael Strahan Gay? His Sexual Orientation:

Michael Strahan is not gay. The news that Michael Strahan is gay was merely a rumor.

In the past, he had three relationships with three ladies. Currently, he is involved with a lady named Marianna Hewitt. She is a lifestyle blogger by profession.

The couple has been in a relationship since 2014 and is still together. So, we can conclude that Michael Strahan is not bisexual.

Past Relationship History of Michael Strahan

In 1992, Michael Strahan was married to his first wife, Wanda Hutchins. This lady was an entrepreneur and a decorator.

The couple has one daughter named Tanita Strahan and a son named Michael Anthony Strahan Jr., but the couple decided to separate in 1996.

Then Michael married a woman named Jean Muggli three years after his first divorce. They have two twin daughters named Isabella & Sophia. But unfortunately, they also separated on the 20th July 2006. 

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Later, in August 2009, Michael became involved with Nicole Mitchelle but separated in 2014. This lady is Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife.

Michael Strahan Is Gay” Claimed by His Ex-wife: Rumour!

Michael Strahan’s second and ex-wife was Jean Muggli. This lady claimed that her ex-husband had an extra-marital relationship with a man. The man is Lan Smith, who is a TV doctor. 

Lan Smith has received global recognition for being a regular contributor to VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club” & ABC’s “The View.”

Jaen complained that Michael abused her and avoided their two children. She also said that Michael recorded her sister as well. She added they used to spend a lot of money going on shopping sprees.

Jaen gave an interview to Daily News where she said, “Michael had moved into Lan Smith’s one-bedroom apartment. And you can say an alternative lifestyle sprouted”.

Jean’s lawyer didn’t let her elaborate on the accusation and she was proved wrong in court.

Michael Strahan Denies Gay Identity

Michael denied the accusation by his ex-wife and both Michael and Lan denied that there was any sexual relationship between them. Lan said that he was pleased with his married life.

Moreover, on the Wendy Williams radio show, Michael denied the fake accusation made by his ex-wife. He said that if him being gay was, in fact, true, “ it would hit the fan from the get-go.”

He also said, “It is fine with me. This is New York City. If you can not accept people for being people, then you have no business being here.”

He added, “I think early on when you are reading all these things in the paper that are not true; I am not gay.”

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All these statements prove that he is not gay.

Wrap Up

Michael Strahan is a guy with a great personality. This rumor does not affect his popularity; he is still famous worldwide. Hopefully, now you understand that Michael Strahan is a straight man.

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