Is Lily Collins Anorexic? How Did She Overcome Her Eating Disorder? 

The prominent British-American actress Lily Collins knew she needed a flawless body to make a firm place in the competitive entanglement industry. She had to have a zero figure which she needed to achieve. 

Lily put all her efforts into losing weight. However, her obsession with losing weight brought her trouble. She became a patient with Anorexia.

As a result, the actress lost weight and became ill. As a fan, you just want to know if Lily Collins is still Anorexic.

Fortunately, Lily Collins is no longer Anorexic. She has overcome the disorder long ago and is a healthy and confident woman. How did she overcome her eating disorder? Here’s everything you are asking to know.  

Is Lily Collins Anorexic? 

If you have known the star for a long time, you have already seen her skinny pictures. We are talking about the time when Collins was suffering from Anorexia. It’s an eating disorder. 

When a person has Anorexia, they may almost quit eating to lose weight. They do extreme diets and workouts to get rid of fat and end up being too skinny and losing their appetite. 

So it’s understandable why Lily Collins was anorexic when she was younger. Since her dream was to become a prominent star, she had to get a flawless body, meaning a slimmer figure. However, she later developed Anorexia. Luckily she overcame it and is now not an anorexic person. 

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Lily Collins Slimmer Appearance Had Got Her Fans Worried for Her

The ‘Love, Rosie’ actress is indeed loved by her followers. They are always worried about her physical condition after knowing she once had an eating disorder which is quite dangerous. If one can’t overcome it soon, it can destroy the person’s well-being. 

Although the actress recovered long ago, it seemed unfair to her supporters that she needed to lose her weight again to play a role in the “To The Bone” movie in 2017. Collins took the offer of playing a character that had the same disorder as she had on purpose.

The “Emily in Paris” actress wanted to share her story through the movie. According to her interviews and reports, she wrote some parts of the film and dialogues to add her experience to the movie story. Luckily she did it. She lost weight, acted perfectly, and didn’t get sick. 

But she shared how she managed to lose weight again by acting in the “To The Bone” picture. We must mention the actress was just recovered from the disorder back then.

The actress said she took advice and help from a nutritionist who gave her many supplements and guided her to fasten losing weight while keeping herself fit and fine. 

The actress said in an interview, “We did it with a nutritionist who expressed from the beginning that her main concern was getting me back to good health at the end – not to leave me hanging. 

I was held accountable for every step of the way and supplied with many supplements so that everything in my body would continue working and that I wouldn’t get fatigued.” She never became anorexic again till now after overcoming the disorder. 

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Final Words 

The habit of overeating, or less, is dangerous for our health. No one wants to get too fat or skinny except celebrities like Lily Collins. She had a disorder that made people obsessed with losing weight that they hated to eat. 

It’s called Anorexia, and when she was anorexic, life was more complicated for her. She did strict diets so much that the Mirror Mirror actress became sick. Luckily she overcame the disorder and is now no longer an anorexic patient.

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