Is Leslie Jones Gay? A Close Look at Leslie Jones’ Sexuality

Leslie Jone is a glorious American actress born in 1967 in Memphis, Tennessee. This lady started her career as a comedian and has gained much popularity for her Tv show “Saturday Night Live.” 

Amazingly, Jones showed her best comedy performance in the movie Ghostbusters. Now, her fans & followers are curious to know about her sexual orientation.

If you are a great fan of this celebrity, you are probably also interested. Let’s closely look at whether Leslie Jone’s gay or not.

Is Leslie Jones Gay? Controversial!

Leslie Jone’s sexuality is a controversial topic. But according to our records, most of the results indicate that she is not gay. There are some logical reasons behind this. Let’s see.

This actress talks about gay rumors in the Late Night Talk Show On the canon. She said, “If I were gay, I’d be crushing. I would have so many women,” “I would be a pimp, I ain’t going to lie. If I were gay, I’d be the worst lesbian ever.” Jones makes fun of saying that her co-star, Kate McKinnon, says that I would be so busy if I were gay. It seems a nice compliment to me.

Moreover, she shared what kind of man she likes to date & what should be the qualities of a perfect man. This speech eliminates the doubt of her being gay.

She says that she wishes to date such a man who leads a short life & can keep her happy always. In an interview with Essence, Leslie said it is essential to change considering gay, transgender, & women in modern-day America.

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Relationship Status Of Leslie Jone

According to our research, Leslie Jone is currently single & a straight woman. To find out her complete dating status is a difficult task. 

In 2018 on 30th January, Jones shared a picture in a gym adding the caption,” Ok back to cardio. But confession I feel like I’m doing it for nothing. I know it’s not that I’m healthy & look good, but I feel like “what’s it all for” if the people you want to notice don’t. I just feel like I might die alone. Sorry, that’s pretty heavy today!!”

Leslie’s fans have commented on her post. One wrote, “Leslie, I’m a minister, + I can tell you that everyone dies alone. Be healthy for yourself. Don’t give so much power to me. Get your power back. I’m rooting for you.”

Another fan commented, “Thank you for sharing this & being real. You are getting tons of people to see that we all have the same recurring thoughts & issues. That aside, you are a goddess & an inspiration!”

Did Leslie Jones Date Anybody?

In 2017, this star expressed that she was secretly dating her boyfriend. Knowing that her fans became so surprised & wanted to find out her boyfriend.

This lady tweeted, “It’s a secret, so I don’t want everyone annoying him if you know what I’m saying? But later, she tweeted, “So that everyone knows. There was never a secret boyfriend.” 

In 2017, on 27th July, Jone tweeted, “Wow was such a great night at the BET awards. But then had THE WORST SAY @RitzCarlon DO NOT STAY THERE!! THEY DON’T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE!!”

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Wrap Up

Leslie Jones is one of the most popular comedians in today’s world. Though her sexuality is pretty controversial, all the information shows she is not gay.

People enjoy her television displays a lot. Hopefully, now you have got a clear clarification about Leslie’s sexuality. Please keep visiting our page to get updated news.

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