Is Lady Gaga in The New American Horror Story?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or professionally known as Lady Gaga is widely known for her world-class music albums. She is a songstress and a songwriter. But how many of us did know that Lady Gaga is also a Hollywood actor, not full-time but she appears in cameo or in side roles.

What was the role of Lady Gaga in The New American Horror Story?
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You can already guess her incredible acting skills as she has won a Golden Globe Award. It is very uncommon to see such a great combination of singer and actor together. Anyways, today we will talk about one of Lady Gaga’s acting projects in the movie, The New American Horror story. Is Lady Gaga in the New American Horror Story or not? Let us know about it below.  

About: The New American Horror Story

The New American Horror story, named The Double Feature” is the tenth season of the American horror anthology tv series. It is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

This season was scheduled to release in 2020, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, the season was released this year in August. The makers have divided the season into two parts where they show two aspects of the series. Firstly, the Red Tide, secondly the Death Valley.

The former takes place by the sea and the latter takes place by the sand. The best part about the seasons of American Horror Story is that you don’t have to see all the seasons in order to grasp the essence of other seasons.

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Every season comes with a different set story, background and characters. However, the casting can be of the same actors though. So, like other series, viewers don’t have to sit back and watch all the seasons back-to-back before they want to watch the 10th season. If you wish to watch “The Double Feature,” then you can simply sign up to watch this season only. 

What was the role of Lady Gaga in the New American Horror Story?

Lady Gaga was surely seen in two seasons of the American Horror Story and fans couldn’t unsee her acting. She appeared in the fifth season, Hotel, portraying the character of Elizabeth. There, Elizabeth was a stylish countess and a blood virus carrier.

She was in the lead role in that season along with Chloe Savegny. Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno helped her to achieve the look of the countess which her fans truly appreciated. Not to mention, Gaga also won Globe Globe Awards for her performance in ‘Hotel’.   

Her other role in the American Horror Story was in the sixth season named, Roanoke. There, Gaga portrayed the role of Scathach, a wicked and cold-blooded ancient witch. Both of her roles in the seasons were immortal.

Final thought

So, Gaga mainly appeared in these two seasons of the American Horror Story. After that, she did not do any role in the series because she had some minor disputes with the creative directors of the series. Although this reason wasn’t explicitly confirmed, but we can guess she is taking her break from this aspect of her career and might return in other seasons.

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