Is Kenny Chesney Gay? What Did Kenny’s Ex-wife Say About His Sexuality?

Kenny Chesney is a celebrity who has gained success through his hard work & intelligence. This guy is a singer, songwriter, record producer.

Surprisingly, he has more than 30 million albums that are sold worldwide. Kenny came to the world on 26th March 1968.

Is Kenny Chesney Gay? What's his sexual orientation?
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What is Kenny Chesney’s sexuality if he is gay or not? Well, that’s a most asked question on the internet. Kenny’s Ex-wife gave exciting information about his sexuality.

Today we are going to share all the details about Kenny’s sexuality. Let’s start.

What Did Kenny’s Ex-wife Say About His Sexuality? : Gay or Not?

Are you waiting eagerly to know the answer? I hope yes!. So, the answer is nope. Kenny’s love life is not so easy. Sadly, he goes through many ups & downs in his love life.

In his lifetime, the star was married to only one woman, Renee Zellweger. She is an actress. In 2005, the couple met in January & got married in May. But their relationship stayed only for four months. 

After their separation, Renee addressed Kenny as a “fraud.” This lady said that this was the main reason for their split. She also noted that Chesney was gay & he didn’t tell her anything about his sexuality.

Later Kenny’s ex-wife confirmed that it was “simply legal language & not an image of Kenny’s character.” Tease with the ‘fraud’ decision & talk about his sexuality for years. 

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But Kenny later assured that he is not gay & what his ex-wife said about his sexuality were rumors. This couple didn’t like to share their pictures on social media.

Even they didn’t share how their relationship was. There was a communication gap between them & antagonistic differences.

The singer always tries to keep his marriage life private & dislikes to talk about this topic. So, we have a lack of information about their relationship. It is believed that Renee forgot about their marriage as the period was only four months.

A piece of exciting news for you is that Kenny told the men’s mag against Renee’s speech. He said that in his opinion, people have the right to lead their life in their way. Moreover, Kenny said that he is so confident about loving girls. 

Dating History of Kenny: Various!

Kenny’s dating history indicates that he is not gay. This guy enjoys his personal life with girls & he is comfortable with them. He has been involved with Mary Nolan since 2012.

here is the Dating History of Kenny? Did he date any male?
Kenny Chesney by Nightshooter licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

This couple prefers to keep their relationship secret & do not share anything on social media. In 2014, Kenny brought Mary to the American Country Countdown Awards in Nashville, where Mary took a seat just beside the country star in front of the audience.

Moreover, in 2016, this lady kissed Kenny publicly when Kenny got the valuable Pinnacle Award.

Previously, he dated Amy Colley, who was Miss Tennessee in 2005. She was a burn-unit nurse. Their relationship lasted for two years. In 2010, the country star got involved with Jenn Brown. So, this singer is just a straight man.

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Wrap Up

Kenny Chesney is fearless and doesn’t care about people’s thinking. Instead, this celebrity leads a life in his way. So, this information is clear that this country singer is not gay. These rumours do not affect his career life. Hopefully, you have got your answer.

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