Is Kehlani Hindu? Which Religion Does Kehlani Follow?

From the interview that was gotten from the site of Them, Kehlani share some heartfelt talks about hope, faith, and love.

From the moment she knew something that changed in her, especially her sexuality, she uttered words that would inspire people to be themselves since that is the belief that she lived and believed for.

She has many albums that are connected to her faith and spiritual beliefs that would conquer the hearts and the minds of those who can hear them. 

Moreover, in the interview that Kehlani is with Alicia Keys namely the “Rolling Stone”, the two singers shares heartfelt answers that were thrown at them. 

And the one question that would typically call the hearing and attention of every one in particular with her spiritual belief is the, “When you try to make a song, what is your greatest motif in writing?”. She answered, “Well, it must be of practice and somehow faith.

Cause for the moment I started to talk and ask, I’ll backfire a question; what can you say about the lyrics?”. She is so deep that’s why people are asking: Is Kehlani Hindu? Which religion does Kehlani follow?

As we do deeper into this, we will be going to know that later on. But before anything else, let us know first who is Kehlani.

Who is Kehlani?

She is an R&B singer that recently admitted her gender crisis. She is a lesbian musician that is well-known in her field. She already had a child named Adeya in the year 2019 and before she confesses herself as being a lesbian, she dated the father of her child Javaughn Young-White. 

The two became together for 2 years but after she finds truth in herself, she accepts it, and eventually, the two got separated after a year that their daughter was born.

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Is Kehlani Hindu?

Since the actress was young, she admitted in the interview that she came up with so many practices that would mold her growth and faith in God.

We can say that the star is far to be a Hindu since her grandmother has taken her to different churches since she was young. She tend to visit churches and started to pray with so many sculptures on her front. 

Kehlani’s childhood spiritual practices and exploration helped her to strengthen her faith and inner self to the present. A lot of thanks to her grandmother that teaches her that there is a God that she can hold on to.

Which Religion Does Kehlani Follow?

For all the interviews that the legendary actress has been into particularly with Alicia Keys in the year 2021, she said that she follows a Christian life where this practice is her adaption from her grandmother. 

It is a religion that opens her mind and heart to be enlightened on things and to be trained earlier for life’s catastrophe. She grew up Christian but also she is practicing Santería which is polytheistic and revolves around deities. Well, that goes her practices in her life that molded and made her today.

It’s A Wrap!

Is Kehlani Hindu? Which religion does Kehlani follow? Kehlani is far to be a Hindu since her grandmother has taken her to different churches since she was young where she grew up Christian and has a Christian life.

But then she follows and practices Santería which is polytheistic and revolves around deities just recently. 

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