Is Jennifer Aniston Still Smoking in 2022?

Jennifer Aniston won millions of hearts with her famous character as Rachel Green in the most renowned American TV series, Friends. She is talented, famous, beautiful, and independent, for which she has numerous fans spread all over the globe.

No matter how famous a celebrity gets, they have bad habits just like everyone else. One of her main bad habits for which her fans used to remain concerned about, was her smoking habit.

She used to be a chain smoker, but is Jennifer Aniston still smoking in 2022? We state the answer below, so keep on reading if you are interested in knowing too. 

Jennifer Aniston’s Smoking Journey

Smoking is a common habit. Not only does it deteriorate physical health over time, but it affects mental health too since it is a type of addiction. Like most, The Bounty Hunter actress also started smoking in her early twenties.

Ultimately, she became a chain smoker as nicotine started to take over her emotions. The 53-year-old actress continued her heavy chain-smoking in the early stages of her career and during her high-profile relationships, including her five years of marriage to actor Brad Pitt.

Aniston continued smoking; fortunately, she was not diagnosed with any smoking-related diseases.  

How did Jennifer Aniston Quit Smoking?

The Cake actress did not want to quit smoking. However, in 2007, she decided to leave this bad habit as the addiction was getting extreme. She couldn’t leave the habit entirely as it was decades of practice, but she was no longer a chain smoker.

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Aniston limited her nicotine day by day while also struggling to discontinue the habit completely. This beautiful actress tried many methods to help her quit smoking. 

The Friends actress tried electronic replacements for an authentic cigarette, but that was not helpful for long. Being unsuccessful there, she tried to implement meditation and yoga into her daily routine to fight the extreme withdrawal effects.

Although the results were not immediate, finally in 2012, after five years of dedication, Aniston could completely give up on smoking. The blonde-haired actress wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain her body while aging, for which this change was essential.   

Final thought

So, it has been almost a decade since Jennifer Aniston has stopped smoking. Now she leads a healthy lifestyle which is quite evident in her looks. Even though it took her more than two decades to realize the harmful effects of smoking, at least she did. It’s better late than never!

The actress’s dedication to living a healthy lifestyle shows how strong a woman she is in real life too, and not only on the big screen. This, indeed, has made her our favorite yet again.

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  1. Yes very hard habit to quit I smoked for forty plus years but I tried got through one day..managed then two,then came upon 3 weeks then year now it’s been 4 years haven’t looked back it’s dumb nowhere smelly habit I’m glad is gone from my life as most other bad habits drinking and drugs..eating out of boredom so you clearly see I’ve lead a very addictive life so if I can you can so no excuses do whatever you need to..I’ve seen to many of my friends that il never see again because they said they couldn’t guess not eh?you ready for the same fate?Think really hard on that!!!


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