Is Jennifer Aniston Married? Who’s Jennifer Aniston’s Husband?

We all are eager to know about the relationship status of evergreen ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston. Who she is dating, whom she has married or divorced, all these things about her excites us as fans, isn’t it? Whomever she is seeing, crushing, dating, or married to, must be a lucky guy.

Who's the husband of Jennifer Aniston? Is she married?
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Even if her marriages were a failure, she gets along quite well with her ex-husbands, she claimed. Even after the marriages did not last long, they had the honor to be Jennifer Aniston’s husbands. Let us know a bit more about Aniston’s marital status and her ex-husbands.

Who is Jennifer Aniston husband?

Currently, in 2021, Jennifer Aniston is single; she is not married to anyone. The ‘Friends’ lead actress married twice and got divorced twice. In 2000, she married the handsome hunk of Hollywood, Brad Pitt, shortly after a year of dating. However, their marriage lasted for only five years, and they split their ways in 2005. 

The general public and Aniston’s fans blamed Angelina Jolie for being the second woman in Anniston and Pitt’s marriage. Because, just after a few months of divorce with Aniston, Pitt started dating Angelina Jolie.

However, Jennifer Aniston later clarified that Jolie was not the second woman to harm her marriage with Pitt. Aniston claims to have a good, friendly bond with Brad Pitt even after their divorce. 

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Jennifer Aniston’s second husband was Justin Theroux, with whom she got engaged in 2012 and tied the knot in 2015. Again, her marriage with Justin was short-lived, and the couple divorced in 2018. In between two of her marriages, Aniston had a romantic relationship with Tate Donovan for only a few months, and they had no intention of getting married.  

Is Jennifer Aniston still Friend with Brad Pitt?

After her divorce from Brad Pitt in 2015, she clarified some rumors regarding her marriage failure, which we have seen above. Jennifer also stated to the Hollywood reporters that she and Pitt are not in daily communication, but they share nothing else but good things for each other.

This statement made us realize that Aniston and her ex-husband do not have any bitterness towards each other and share a good bond. Again in 2016, Brad Pitt was seen to reach out to Aniston for consoling her as a friend regarding her mother’s death. That day, Pitt and Aniston met after many years.

Apparently, Jennifer was touched by how Pitt sympathized with her in her difficult times. Brad also asked for Jennifer’s forgiveness regarding everything she had to deal with their marriage failure, and Aniston forgave him.

Is Jennifer Aniston still friends with Justin Theroux?

Aniston and Justin had six years-long of togetherness and three years of marriage before they ended their relationship in 2018. After that, the couple lovingly provided a statement about their post-marriage relationship for their engraving fans. They said they are still on good terms and are best friends.

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They mutually decided to end their marriage and look forward to continuing a blissful friendship. This couple made us realize how someone can have the same ‘best friends’ energy and respect mutually even after legal separation from a relationship. 

They also claimed that they are determined to keep their friendship no matter what other people rumor about them.

Did you get a full glimpse of Jennifer Aniston’s marital status? So, this is what it currently is; Aniston is not married. Probably we are waiting for the day when this beautiful actress will fall in love again and share the loving bond of marriage with another lucky man.

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