Is Jennie Kim Related to Jisoo Kim? Are They Siblings? 

The BLINK has numerous questions about their favorite BLACKPINK singers. From those questions, one can confuse people about Jennie and Jisoo’s relationship. Is Jennie Kim related to Jisoo Kim? 

Such a question can pop up in anyone’s mind as both the singers were born in Korea and have the surname ‘Kim.’ Another surprising fact spread the news that Jisoo and Jennie are sisters. 

So what’s the truth? Are they sisters, cousins, or just band members? Here is what you should know about them. 

A Video Went Viral on Twitter Where Jennie and Jisoo Were Calling Each Other Sisters and Cousins

In 2020 Jisoo and Jennie posted a video where they were laughing and having a conversation. They seemed to be teasing fans with confusing news in that record. At first, they called one another ‘Sisters,’ and the next second, they said they were ‘Cousins.’ 

The singers later deleted that video but it was reposted by one of their fans on Twitter. The user translated Korean to English, and after summarizing what they said, the user added ‘liars’ and mentioned the official Twitter page of BLACKPINK followers. 

Whether Jennie Kim is related to Jisoo Kim or not, we will find the answer after knowing their families separately. 

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Jenny Kim Family

Jennie is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Kim. She belongs to a wealthy family as his father is a hospital owner, and her mother’s occupation is M Director and CJ. 

Jisoo Kim Family

In Jisoo’s family, everyone is wealthy. They are from South Korea. Unlike Jennie, Jisoo has a sister named Kim-Ji Yoon. She is older than Ji-soo and has a supportive nature. The singer’s father is Ha-Joon Kim, a well-renowned company’s CEO; the mother, Ji-Yoo Kim, works in an NGO. 

As we can see, Jisoo and Jennie have different parents. Their parents’ occupations are also not the same. Besides, Jennie has no siblings, but Jisoo has an elder sister. So, it’s not true that they are sisters or cousins. 

As they have similar faces and the same surnames, the BLACKPINK members Jisoo and Jennie go on kidding with their fans. 

However, they may not be siblings by blood but sisters by heart. All four members of BLACKPINK treat and love one another as if they are sisters. 

Final Words

Jennie Kim and Ji-soo Kim are related to each other but not like real siblings or cousins, but they have accepted themselves as sisters by heart. Hence, they are often seen making people confused about their genuine relationship.

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