Is Jared Sandler Related to Adam Sandler?

If you are a 90’s kid, then you might remember seeing Adam Sandler on TV shows and printed movie posters. Since then, he has reached a milestone in his career as an actor, stand-up comedian, and filmmaker.

Everyone loved his comedy shows due to the relatable points he incorporated in his jokes. As he kept growing in his field of work, people got a sneak peek of the actor’s personal life, including his family.

Still, a lot of things are yet to be known about the actor’s family members. One of those is, Is Jared Sandler related to Adam Sandler? Remember the young boy in Big Daddy (1999)? Yes, we are talking about Jared Sandler.

In this blog, we will know whether Jared and Adam are related in real life or if their surnames are simply just the same!  

The Wrong Missy actor is related to the Grown-Ups actor. Jared is Adam’s nephew and the son of Adam’s elder brother Scott Sandler. It means the uncle-nephew bond is blood-related.

After Adam, Jared was the second person from the Sandler family to settle his career in the entertainment industry. His very first movie was as a child artist in his uncle’s film, Big Daddy, in 1999. Later, he appeared in quite a few films alongside his uncle.

Jared is following the footsteps of his superstar uncle and now does films even without him. He got his comedian nature from his uncle and aces comedy movie roles like a pro. 

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Who is Jared Sandler? – A Short Bio

Jared Sandler is a touring comedian and actor born on the 11th of July 1993 in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. He is the son of superstar Adam Sandler’s elder brother Scott Sandler and his wife, Denise Cohan Sandler.

He also has a younger sister named Jilian Sandler. In one way, Jared was born with a silver spoon as his uncle was a superstar. Since childhood, he has had the chance to act in many roles with his uncle. 

Later he chose a career as an actor and an international touring comedian. Like his family, the Wrong Missy actor is also of Jewish descent, and his heritage is mixed with Russian, British, German, Austrian, and even Polish.

From a very young age, Jared was creative and passionate about what he wanted in life and at this stage, he has a net worth of 1 million dollars. The 28-year-old millennial is witty and humorous, and we can’t wait until he reaches success like his uncle.

Jared Sandler’s Work

In the short film ‘Samezies’ he portrayed the work of a director, producer, and scriptwriter. Following his success, he produced many other short films like Special Stuff, The Proposal, Zombie Apocalypse, and YoYo. In some of them, he also has credit for directing.

On the other hand, he acted in movies like Big Daddy (1999), Grown-Ups 2 (2013), Pixels (2015), The Ridiculous 6 (2015), and many more. Jared did the voice-over for animation movies like Hotel Transylvania and Eight Crazy Nights.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how Jared Sandler is related to Adam Sandler. Even though Jared was born into the entertainment industry, we have to accept that he has passion and talent.

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Maybe, the talents were instilled genetically from his uncle, but at least he can do them justice. We hope to see more of Jared’s movies and comedy shows in the future.

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