Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? What is his Sexual Orientation?

Jackson Mahomes is a renowned American social media star. He is famous on TikTok. 

He is about to hit roughly a million followers on TikTok, which makes him one of the most notable Internet stars in the United States and around the globe. 

You may also recognize him as the brother of NFL star Patrick MahomesThe TikTok star has over 963.6k followers on his account @jacksonmahomes which has since been certified. 

He recently turned 21 years old. Different rumors about his sexual orientation have swelled up repeatedly, and many anti-fans have also teased him with the rumors.

Let’s find out more about whether Jackson Mahomes is ‌gay‌ by comprising the family facts involving his brother, Patrick Mahomes, a well-known NFL performer. 

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

Several people love to share rumors about celebrities’ sexual orientation. Yes, there is another celebrity to be added to the list: Jackson Mahomes.

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Jackson Mahomes is not gay.

His sexuality is straight. The reason for these rumors is due to his more feminine voice on TikTok.

He has explained his voice several times and reminds people that he is not gay. Besides this, the TikTok star also said he hates his voice in multiple videos.

However, people try to mock him about this and it causes problems with the social media star.

Jackson Mahomes as an Influencer

A Famous TikToker

TikTok, the short-video making Chinese app, has become both a stepping stone and discrimination in his life. Let’s hear about how this happens.

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In 2019, on September 23, Jackson’s first TikTok video was released in his voice, saying, “So, this is TikTok!”.

And for reasons we understand, his second TikTok video was about his elder brother Patrick Mahomes.

Gradually, Patrick started giving all his efforts to his TikTok videos. Most of the people loved him, and some hated him. So, people criticized his work and also questioned his gender.

A Rising Star

There is a maxim that “The grass is always greener on the other side”. In this case, it is true. Jackson encountered more criticisms rather than appreciation. People questioned, deteriorated, and humiliated most of the TikTok videos.

Despite the hurdles and hardships, Jackson rose to the challenge. He set aside the negative feedback and comments and welcomed the positives.

He also concentrated on spreading goodness through his work.


However, most people may know him as the notable NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ brother.

Still, at present, Jackson Mahomes has turned up in the social media world as a sensation. He has gained his profile as a TikTok and Instagram star.

As of now, young Jackson Mahomes has seen the short-video app as a new platform to disclose his real side. We wish the social media star all the success no matter his sexual orientation.

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