Is Gavin Newsom Related to Nancy Pelosi? Is he Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew?

If you are wondering who Gavin Newsome is, then let me tell you he is the 40th governor of California elected in 2019. Apart from being a politician, Newsome is also a prominent businessman. Some relate Gavin Newsome with United States House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Here's the answer of Is Gavin Newsom Related to Nancy Pelosi.
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But is Gavin Newsome related to Nancy Pelosi? Is Newsome Nancy Pelosi nephew? Are they really related as family members? This confusion mostly arises because Pelosi and Newsome have lots in common as prominent democrats.

Moreover, they both have strong sake for San Francisco. Let us know more about the relationship between Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsome.     

If Gavin Newsome is Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew?

If you believe in the concept of extended family, then yes, Newsome was a part of the Pelosi family once and was the nephew of Nancy Pelosi. Although Gavin Newsome is not blood-related to Nancy or her husband.

Gavin Newsome’s maternal aunty, Barbara Newsome, once married Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law, Ron Pelosi. Ron is Paul’s (Nancy Pelosi’s husband) brother. However, Barbara and Ron divorced each other in 1977 when Gavin was only 10 years old.

Since Gavin was related to Ron and Ron was Paul’s brother, so Gavin had a very distant relation with Nancy. Gavin was Ron’s nephew by his marriage to Barbara. These two powerful democrats do not share any family bond or emotion rather they do cross paths and had many occasions in their political career.

Also, Newsome never took the advantage of his sugar-coated relationship with the Pelosi family in his career. Whatever he is today, is the result of his intelligence and hard work. 

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Gavin Newsome’s Life

Gavin Newsome was born on 10th October 1967. So as of now, he is 53 years old. He was born in San Francisco to Tessa Thomas and William Alfred Newsome. William was an advocate for otters and a fourth-generation San Franciscan. Gavin had mentioned that his childhood was not an easy one as he suffered from dyslexia and had to change many schools due to this issue. 

Throughout his school life, Newsome was much more dependent on audiobooks and visual illustrations. And till this date, Newsome prefers to read e-books and interpret docs through audios. Newsome’s shortcomings did not let him stop from being a highly qualified politician and a successful businessman.

Newsome first came into politics as a mayor in 1995. However, his father did not trust in politics so much and thought his son’s career could diminish soon. So, he urged Newsome to do a business of his own; he was sworn by his father and pledged to go as a businessman.    

Final Thought

So, this was all about Gavin Newsome. Now you know that Newsome is not related to the house representative Nancy Pelosi. Even if he did relate to Nancy far far away, now they are not related in any way. Both are engraving politicians, but their paths and journeys are totally different from each other. 

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