Is Ed Sheeran Gay? Was This Question Disappear After His Marriage?

Do people have a question in their mind that Is Ed Sheeran Gay? Well, the “shape of you” singer is happily married to a lovely woman named Cherry Seabron now. But the question’s what makes people think that Ed Sheeran might be gay. 

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This rumor started back in 2012 on social media. It went viral at that time. However, Sheeran came up with a Tweet and made himself clear that he’s not gay and he’s not dating anyone at that time.  

After that tweet, most people understand Ed Sheeran’s sexual orientation, but the rumor didn’t disappear completely. In 2020 some people asked many questions on social media that either Ed Sheeran was gay or straight. People Even get confused about his nationality as well.

It seems pretty difficult to convince those people that he’s not gay. But, on the other hand, Ed Sheeran’s dating life wasn’t a super-secret to everyone.

He had several girlfriend’s including The “Love Me Like You Do” singer Ellie Goulding. I thought they both never admit that, but it was an open secret. 

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There was news in 2013, while Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift were in Atlanta for Taylor’s Red Tour, Sheeran hired Taylor’s background dancers from a Gay strip club, and he didn’t invite Taylor.

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But I don’t think this news has any relevance of being Gay of Ed Sheeran. They need a few Taylor’s backing dancers, and they hired them from Gay strip club. 

 Is Ed Sheeran Gay Or Straight?

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First of all, Ed is straight, and he has clarified that on the social network several times. Fans usually have curiosities about their favorite celebs life.

But sometimes, people extremely abuse their social accounts. For example, they spread rumors, and as a result, much fake news occurs in your social account timeline.

Ed has many girlfriends, and he’s married. Therefore, it is nothing but a rumor that he’s gay.

Why did People think Ed Sheeran is Gay? 

Celebrities used to face Cyberbully. Ed Sheeran is the one who quit Twitter because of Cyber Bullying. Sometimes we forget that a celebrity has their personal life as well. Based on something, we judge other people so quickly. Like, Ed Sheeran has to face this question since 2012 is he gay or not.

In 2014 a video went viral where Ed Sheeran kissed Brent Morin in a live episode of Undateable. But, of course, it was just a Show where he did that kiss as a part of the fun. 

Moreover, in 2017 he kissed Keith Lemon for real. These things happen all the time with celebs. Ed Sheeran isn’t any special one for these.

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Therefore, based on those kisses, we can’t say he is gay. However, we have seen many times celebs did these types of fun.

But in the case of Ed Sheeran, these videos went viral on the social platform and made some people think Ed Sheeran isn’t straight. 

Does His Marriage Help to Forget This Rumor?

Well, Sheeran’s dating a woman wasn’t able to eliminate the misunderstanding about his sexuality. But in 2018, finally, the British singer married his childhood friend and school classmate Cherry Seabron.

And this marriage helped him to remove the label of “Gay.” Now people are satisfied and sure of the answer that he’s not gay. He’s straight and happily married and a father of 1 child. Yes, if you don’t know that I’m telling you, Ed becomes the father of a beautiful daughter.

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Now, Ed knows to keep his personal life secure from social media trolling. Unfortunately, cyber abuses have a significant impact on his personal life. With time people forget those controversial fake news. 

I hope now it would be the crystal that Ed Sheeran, the music magician, is not gay. Some people were bullying him. We should refrain from doing cyber abuse.

Moreover, don’t let people spread any fake news on social media. We should always respect other personal life.   

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