Is Don Lemon Married? Who is Don Lemon’s Husband?

Don Lemon is a CNN news anchorman. In CNN US programming during weekday prime-time Don Lemon works as a journalist.

Don Lemon's husband detail.
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 In March 1966, Don Lemon was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1984 Don Lemon enlisted at Louisiana State University.

But he didn’t finish his courses there. Instead, in 1990 he migrated to New York, and he started his study on program journalism at Brooklyn College.

He started his broadcasting profession while still considering his degree; as a news assistant, he worked at WNYW, the East Coast flagship television of the Fox TV Network.

After finishing graduation, Lemon became a reporter for NBC in Philadelphia and Chicago.

Then Don Lemon reached the team at CNN in September 2006. Besides journalism, he is also a writer. He wrote two books, and one is about his personal life that he is gender-neutral. 

Previously there was a rumor that Don Lemon was married; further, officially, it was not confirmed. After that, Don lemon married his boyfriend.  

There are more details about Don Lemon married and who Don Lemon’s husband is!

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Is Don Lemon Married? 

Formerly there was a rumor that Don Lemon and Stephanie Ortiz were married, but this news has long continued a rumor because they did not confirm it.

Since Don lemon himself was declared with an honestly that he is gay, it seemed the news to be very far away from the truth.

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There was another news article that is more reliable than one that says that Don Lemon is married. However, he married his boyfriendJohn Byrne. He is a choreographer.

Something rumored in 2017 was that Don Lemon was dating another person, a sales executive, and they pictured together the couple enduring hands in the populace.

His name is Tim Malone. During New Year 2018, he kissed Tim in the presence of his co-anchor, Brooke Baldwin. After that, they posted it on his official Twitter account. Currently, the couple is relishing a happy and delightful life, respectively.

Are Don Lemon And Tim Malone In A Relationship

Currently, Don lemon and Tim Malone are in a relationship. Tim is 18 years younger than him. In 2017 the gay couple started dating, and in 2019 they ultimately engaged. 

During New year in 2017, it broadcasted live on the CNN network; the couple kissed each other. Therefore, publicly they declare their relationship. 

After they ultimately engaged in 2019, the boyfriends announced the big news on social media to their audience.

Don lemon was planning to marry his boyfriend further due to the covid-19 situation the ceremony is imposed on hold.

In April 2021, it invited him as a guest in The Tarman hall show and revealed his passion for having kids.

Who is Don Lemon’s Husband?

Tim Malone is Don Lemon’s husband. He is serving as a real estate broker in New York City and the Hamptons for Douglas Elliman.

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In 2006, Malone gained a degree in history and journalism from Boston College and New York City. 

Following his graduation, he accompanied the team at NBC, wherever he accomplished various aspects, including sales and production.

In 2013, Malone moved to Billboard, where he served as the brand partnership director, then executive director, before leaving in 2016.

He held a brief role as executive director of Jukin Media in 2017 before moving into real estate.


In a nutshell, Don Lemon is an extraordinarily amazing journalist. He has numerous fans both online and offline.

His Instagram individual has nearly 24k followers. Additionally, his Twitter is extremely dominant. He has a stand with the Afro-American race and American nationality.

 He is both a journalist and writer and also had awful youth. He was served up in the impoverished neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In his Journal, he confirms that he was sexually exploited as a child by his neighbor. There were rumors about his married life, although they did not prove it yet. After that, he revealed his sexuality and his life partner. 

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