Is Bruno Mars Gay? What’s his Sexual Orientation?

No one can take the place of Bruno Mars in the music industry. With his hit songs for the past two decades, he has changed music as a way of presentation. He is also one of the highest-earning musicians and singers in the world.

His immense hard work and talent combined have made him nominated 16 times for the prestigious Grammy Award, from where he won 11 of them. Throughout his 18 years of career, Mars has earned millions of fans globally.

These fans and well-wishers have one serious personal question regarding him, which has been a hot topic for a long time. It is about his sexuality! Therefore, in this article, we are going to answer one of the most common questions relating to Bruno Mars, which is his sexual orientation.

So, what is Bruno Mars’s sexuality? Is Bruno Mars gay or not? You will get all the answers below.    

Bruno Mars’s Gay Rumors- Is he gay?

Several rumors are claiming that Bruno Mars is Gay as the Uptown Funk artist has been a victim of the internet hoax.

Once there were reports from reliable sources that Bruno Mars came out as gay; however, the music artist later denied these claims in the ‘Chicago Radio’ saying every statement about his sexual orientation is false and fabricated.

He further added that his sexuality is not a joke to him and feels embarrassed to go out in public with such false allegations. We must say, he stood up strongly for himself. The 36 years old music artist is a straight man, and there is no denial in this. 

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What does Bruno Mars’ dating history tell about his sexuality?

The 11 times Grammy award-winning celebrity is a straight man, and his long-term relationship with Jessica Caban, an American model and actress, is the example. The duo has been dating for almost ten years and is deeply in love after meeting each other at a restaurant in New York City.

Not only is he in a relationship with Jessica, but he has been living with her from the early years of their relationship. No, they aren’t engaged or married yet, and even if they do, we will hardly know as they are a private couple.

The influential music artist entered the music industry professionally in 2004 and has spent more than half of his career with Jessica. Before Caban, the Hawaiian-born artist was rumored to be dating Rita Ora, an English songwriter, singer, and actress. However, there was no clear confession from both sides.  

Final Thought

So, this was all that we got to know about the prominent music artist’s sexual orientation. His dating history and his actions towards his gay rumors prove that he is not gay but a straight man.

Determining someone’s sexuality is a sensitive issue, and Bruno is quite serious about it. If he had any other relationship before becoming famous, only Bruno Mars could tell us about it, which he is clearly unwilling to do.

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  1. did he actually come out and say he wasn’t gay? He has been with Jessica for a very long time and yet never got engaged or married. Perhaps, she is a distraction to keep people from thinking he is gay


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