Is Bruno Mars Black? What’s Bruno Mars’ Nationality?

Bruno Mars has almost taken over the world’s music industry with his hit songs for the past two decades. Ever since he entered America’s music industry, he has changed the ‘music’ taste of the new generation with his hits like ‘Finesse,’ ’24K Magic’, ‘Uptown Funk,’ and many more.

Bruno Mars skion color and nationality.
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The music guru is not responsible for delivering some chart-topping songs of the decade. For this, he has been nominated 16 times for the prestigious Grammy Award and won 11 of them. Do we wonder why a big celebrity like Bruno Mars won’t have fans curious about his personal life?

Therefore, in this article, we will answer one of the most common questions relating to Bruno Mars, which is his nationality and race. So, what is Bruno Mars’s nationality? Is Bruno Mars Black or not? You will get all the answers below.    

Is Bruno Mars American ‘White’ or ‘Black’?

Almost a dozen Grammy Award-winning music artist Bruno Mars was born in the States’ Honolulu, Hawaii. He was raised in the neighborhood of Hawaii too. In that reference, Bruno Mars’s nationality is American.

However, many of us don’t know about the original roots of Bruno Mars, which comes from his Puerto-Rican dad and Filipino mom. Although his nationality is American, but his roots and origin are mixed, with one-quarter Jewish coming from Hungary and Ukraine.

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He has a pool of heritages like Ukrainian, American, Hispanic, Jewish, Filipino, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican, Hungarian, Asian and Spanish. Since he does not have any African heritage, we can’t claim him as ‘black.’ Also, we can’t say that his race is completely ‘white,’ but ambiguously mixed.

Bruno mars parents Nationality

Peter Gene Hernandez was born to parents Bernadette San Pedro Bayot and Peter Hernandez. The music artist’s parents are said to be Boricua and Filipina and are beautifully mixed from different cultures around the world.

Whereas his father is 50% non-Jewish Puerto Rican and the rest Ashkenazi Jewish mixed from Ukraine and Hungary, and his mother is half Filipino and half Spanish. The 11 times Grammy award-winning artist’s father was born in New York.

Hence he has an American nationality. At the same time, his mother was born in the Philippines, and her parents emigrated to Hawaii when she was a child. Peter flew to Hawaii to attend a performance in Hawaii where he met Bernadette, the former dancing as a Hula Dancer.

Bruno’s mother was a dancer and singer by profession, whereas his father also worked with music. So we can say Bruno has music in his genes.

Final Thought

Bruno Mars is indeed a capable singer who just knows how to win over his audiences over and over again. So, now we know where he originally roots from and what his heritage is.

His specific race is still confusion amongst many as he has multi-cultural genes in him. But at least, the music artist does not have any ‘black’ heritage, so we can tell he is not a ‘black man. 

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